would you be the bully?

a short-ish poem about bully's I hope you find it interesting :)


1. Would you be the bully?

The person who stands there big and tough.

The person at the school gate looking rough.

The person that steals lunch money and pulls your hair.

The person who trips you over without a care.

Would you be the bully?


The person that follows you wherever you go.

The person that bullies you even at home.

The person that makes a victim and puts someone down.

The person who is the king of the playground, wearing the crown.

Would you be the bully?


The person that calls you and laughs in your face.

The person that makes you quicken your pace.

That person, the bully that does what they want to do.

That person, the bully was once a victim just like you.

Are you the bully?


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