The Tradgedy

"You dont know-" Twitch. "What its like-" Twitch. "To be, like this." I said.
"Yes I do"
When Evelen was in a plane crash she never got over the traumas that haunted her.
She was saved.
She was alone.
Untill... she found him.
Or... he found her...
one direction fanfic


1. On the plane

I'm so excited! My family and my best friends family are going to London for the holidays! We have just finished packing and are going to the airport.

---skip car ride---

We are on the plane now. I'm sitting next to my best friend john.

"I can't wait!" I said.

"I know. You have been saying that for the past two hours we've been in the car and on the plane."

"Hey! I have an idea! Lets play I spy!" I say. Even thought I am 18 I still love kiddie games.

"You go first." I said.

"I spy with my little... No! Big, eye, something begining with..... C!" He said.

"Cloud? No wait! Clevage!" I say.

"EWWWW! Why would i look at someones clevage! Wait a minute... Why wouldnt I look at someones clevage? Oh and cloud was right."

"ummm... gross, anyways my turn. I spy with my very blind eye, something begining with..."

I pause, the plane is getting closer to the ground, so I say,


"ummmm....... I give up." John says.

"Ground." I say.

Being the younger one I wouldn't realise, that the plane was, infact, crashing.

"Evelen, I love you, have a happy life."

"What?" I ask.

"Evelen, the plane... its crashing." He said.

Only then, did I realise that everyone was screaming or running around, whilst the captains voice was heard over the loud speaker saying, "Please do not panic, this is not a test run to see if the plane can handle this... this is real."

Stupid, he is.

I must've been staring into space for a long time because the next thing I know John has his arms wrapped around me and we start floating towards the celing because of the speed that the plane is going. My brother, Jack, has his arms around my back and his back is against the ceiling, Johns arms are around me so he is facing my face. We were right up against the ceiling now, just like everyone else in the plane.

And we went,
















And everything went black.


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