Falling down.

She wants you to see her smile, she wants you to see her laugh, she doesn't want you to see her in pain. Can it really be that someone could be in such pain because of one little thing that got out away from someones lips? Could one life be torn apart because of a mistake that everyone knows about? Could you save her, before its too late?


4. Aubrey

"Aubrey!" Tate called from the tree they met under, Madeline and Aubrey both ran an hugged him. "Where have you been?" Madeline cried out in happiness, "some place where you become happy all again" Tate told them spin them around with every word he said. " stay? Please don't go again" Aubrey sobbed, before I could see anything else the whole thing went bright... I woke, shaking, tears running down my cheeks, Aubrey holding my hand. Wait what?! I wasn't dreaming, Aubrey was holding my hand, whipping away my tears, telling me that everything was alright.

I tried closing my eyes but the dream kept flashing back, I opened them again and found nan with a glass of water, "I called Aubrey because she was worried about you" nan said handing me the water, "I thought you hated me.." I was really confused, "no! I was just angry or hurt" Aubrey confessed. We hugged and talked for hours on end, till we realised it was 6:00am so we tried sleeping.

Aubrey and Madeline woke up to the smell of Madeline's nan's yummy blueberry pancakes, "Wow! They smell always like heaven!" Aubrey cheered trying to grab a few without getting caught. "Thanks nan for everything" I said just grabbing some without caring.

We had breakfast, our showers and got dressed, Aubrey wanted to make things right between us but because of her Tate is dead an I don't think she can bring him back, but she can try her best to make things right.

3 hours went past and Aubrey was trying to 100% best to try and make everything right, I had forgiven her on the whole video upload thing, but not the other things.. I don't think I will ever forgive her fully and I don't think I ever want too.

They went to KFC for lunch, Aubrey ordered Madeline's usual and they sat down and started talking about life and school... Aubrey started to get on to the top about therapy and suicide, "you know you can tell me anything." Aubrey said In that best friend like voice.. I looked at her for a couple of minutes, she must think I'm dumb or something. Aubrey started to grab my hand, I pulled away, "no I can't trust you with anything anymore! You have taken Tate away from me and made my life hell! I never wanted you back, I never asked nan or anyone else to interfere with my problems!" I yelled so loud that everyone was looking at me, I looked around and ran out of KFC I couldn't bare the eyes on me again and I couldn't bare to see Aubrey's sad pale face.

I had to get away from here.... But how?

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