tattoos and dimples (Larry stylinson)

Harry is just an ordinary boy in college. Somewhat... He's bullied for the fact that's he's gay, and when bullying consist of serious injuries, it's pretty rough for him. Then he met Louis. The misjudged, Punk rocker, tattoo artist with a heart of gold. Harry instantly fell for him. He fell hard. And with Louis bad past, he helps him open up. With a possible relationship with the 21 year old in return.


25. chapter 24

-louis p.o.v-

The last days at home, were okay. I still missed the crap out of Harry, so I was
excited about seeing him again. I sat in my flat, unpacking. It was fun hanging
out with the girls. I missed them, but still. Hazza. He was always on my mind. I
often found myself in a trance, staring of at his necklace. Or playing with the
"Hello?" I heard the door open. I heard Harry's converse against the wood of
the living room. I burst out the room.
"HARRY!" I shouted. I ran up to him, jumping on him. I wrapped my arms around
his neck. "Hi babe." I smiled. He shook his head.
"Hello koala bear how are you?" I giggled as he set me down.
"I missed you. A lot." I smiled. He wrapped his arms around my waist, placing
his head on my shoulder.
"I know. I missed you more than I can tell you." I smiled. "So did you like your
birthday gift?" He smirked. I turned to him.
"You're such an arse." He smiled.
"Why?! Tell me why!" He tickled my sides, making me squirm and laugh.
"Stop!" I shouted laughing at him. He picked me up and threw me over his
shoulder. "HARRY!" I shouted. He threw me onto the couch. I looked up into his
gleaming eyes. "Harry?" I asked nervously. He stopped. "Your eyes."
"What?" He asked.
"They're blue." I smiled. He rolled his eyes.
"WAY TO SCARE ME!" I grinned and pulled him to my chest.
"I'm just sayin' cupcake." He smiled and pressed a kiss to my lips. I had been
aching to do that ever since I stepped out if that bedroom door a few days ago.
He pulled away after a moment.
"I don't think I'll ever get used to that." Harry murmered.
"Get used to what?" He pecked my lips again.
"How I always want to kiss you." I smiled

I'd say the same. You hungry? I was gonna order dinner." He nodded.
We cuddled on the couch for a while. Eating pizza, watching some stupid
romantic comedy Harry picked out, drinking tea. Just talking. About everything
and nothing.
"Do you ever worry about going back to school?" I asked eating a slice of
pizza. He shook his head.
"I kinda expect it. And not much has happened since I broke my nose or
whatever." I frowned.
"What do you mean not much?" I asked concerned. He rolled his eyes.
"Louis, it's just names. I'm not getting shot."
"I just don't want you killing yourself or something." He coughed on his food,
sending crumbs out if his mouth.
"Why would I even attempt to kill myself?" He asked surprised at my question. I
"Maybe you thought your life was that bad, I don't blame you if you tried." His
eyes bulged open.
"Louis have you... Have you tried to..?" I shrugged. He dropped his food and
pulled me in a hug.
"Is that why you take pills? Cause you tried." I nodded.
"Yeah. Are you mad?" I asked. Harry chuckled.
"Louis I'm proud, not mad." I looked at him surprised.
"You're not mad?"
"Why would I be? The fact that you tried, and got help is enough. The fact that
you can admit it to me is even better." I smiled and let out a relieved sigh.
"The little things that make me love you even more."
"Didn't even think that was possible.

-harry's p.o.v-

I brought Louis to a gay bar for New Years, so it wouldn't be as awkward. Liam
and Niall came with us, so it was fun. Louis was wearing one of those 2014
glasses. His hair was quiffed up and he was drunk. He was absolutely piss
drunk. And when Louis is drunk, he's a giggly mess. He finds everything funny.
"10! 9! 8!" I hugged Louis from behind as the countdown grew closer and
"Hazzabear!" Louis giggled.

"7! 6! 5!"
"Hello boyfriend how are you?" I joked.
"4! 3! 2!"
"You tell me."
"1! Happy New Year!" Everyone shouted. I locked my lips around Louis. Moving
in sync for nearly a minute.
"Well happy New Years Loubear."
"Happy New Years slutcake." He smiled. "I love you." I grinned.
"Love you too."
"We should go home. I'm in a mood." I raised my eyebrows at him.
"The mood?"
"The mooooood yes." He drawled out the 'o'.
I woke up the next morning with a fidgiting Louis beside me, I wrapped my arms
around his body.
"Louis, go to sleep." I mumbled tiredly.
"Hazza, it's nearly 11." I was surprised by the time.
"So? It's our last day before I have to go back to school babe. Please just sleep
with me." He sighed.
"Alright, Alright. Fine." I smiled and hugged him close to my body. 
----------- next day (back in school)
I hate school. Hate it with a burning passion, the only thing I want is my Loubear
in my arms. But, sadly, all good time comes to an end. I tried to pay attention to
the professor's lesson, but I couldn't. And I had mid-tern exams soon. But
somehow, the class managed to blow by.

"Harry? May I see you please?" A professor asked. At first I was tense, but I
obeyed and followed the chubby man into the room. "Harry, we have some
questions for you." I looked around and the room had 3 other people in it. Head
mistress, The school counselor, and some other guy. I gulped and sat down.
"Hello Harry, I'm Mr. Blake, I work in the court system." I nodded and shook the
strange man's hand.
"Harry, to our understanding, there has been some violence breaking out
against students, you being main in this situation." 
"Yeah, what's this about?" I asked nervously.
"Well, it's all over Harry. You won't get hurt anymore." Head mistress smiled. I
gave everyone a look. A confused one.
"What?" Mr. Blake handed me a book.
"Harry, it's a law. One can not be judged upon race, sex, religion, gender, and
lots of other things. Including, homosexuality. We have asked other people
about this, and we learned Homosexuality is frowned upon by some students.
Especially Ryan Green." I was still confused.
"Harry, we have taken legal action for your safety. Those whom were causing
You harm, have been expelled." My jaw dropped. Tears threatening to release
from my eyes.
"Harry it's alright." My professor smiled. I shook my head still in shock.
"Harry, we assure you, if anyone harasses you, or anyone for that matter for
their sexuality so on and so forth, it will be taken into legal action."
"He can't hurt me anymore?" They nodded.
"You are safe at school now Harry. It's all taken care of." I let out a sigh and
rubbed my face.
"Thank you. Thank you so much."



well guys this is the end sorry its so bad but i just kinda wanted to end it hear, and im not making a sequel, well not right now anyway maybe in the future, i love you guys so much thanks  for all the amazing comment it meant so much to me, well untill the next story byeee



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