tattoos and dimples (Larry stylinson)

Harry is just an ordinary boy in college. Somewhat... He's bullied for the fact that's he's gay, and when bullying consist of serious injuries, it's pretty rough for him. Then he met Louis. The misjudged, Punk rocker, tattoo artist with a heart of gold. Harry instantly fell for him. He fell hard. And with Louis bad past, he helps him open up. With a possible relationship with the 21 year old in return.


20. chapter 19

(so sorry to keep you guys waiting. hope you enjoy this chapter)

-niall's p.o.v-

I'm a persuasive genius! I got the Niam get back plan in the bag! It took a lot,
and I mean A LOT! Of begging, texts, fighting, talking, consoling, it was just a
messy 3 hours at Louis house last night. Just terrible. But,
He was at the game. He was at Liam's game with me.
And so was Harry.
Neither of them knew.
Just Sophie, Liam, and I.
The reason Sophie was involved? I can't go to Harry and talk to him. And
Neither can Liam, cause Harry would know Liam was up to something.
So As soon as I saw Liam in his Jersey, I was going.
"You'll be fine Lou! I'm gonna go talk to Liam." I told Louis. He groaned.
"Niall!" I gave Louis a thumbs up and skipped off to Liam's side.
"Niall! I thought he would chicken out." Liam smiled. I shook my head slowly
observing Liam in his uniform. He looked damn fit in that black and white
uniform. And when I say Damn fit. I mean FIT AS HELL.
"Yeah. So did I, Harry here?" Liam nodded.
"He's with Sophie. He's in a purple hoodie. Left side." Liam motioned me in
Harry's direction. Sure enough, there he was. Hood over his floppy brown curls.
Only his fringe peaking out.
"How much time do we have?" I asked. Liam shrugged.
"5... 4?" I bit my lip. "Look. Look She's moving!" Liam smiled. Sure enough
Sophie whispered in Harry's ear, directly on cue. And went down the bleachers
to 'Get a snack'. I noticed Louis shoot me a confused look on where to go. I
motioned up to Harry's direction. However, Harry's hoodie helped to mask them
both. Louis climbed up the bleachers to Harry. And Sat down. Slowly there eyes
"HA WE GOT THEM!" I smiled jumping on Liam's shoulders. He laughed and
picked me up before putting me down at the refs whistle.
"We don't have them yet. Keep an Eye on them. But keep a distance. Sophie's watching too. Don't be creepy. I'll see You at Half." I nodded and gave him
"Hey, good luck. Don't hurt yourself." I winked.
"Oh you are funny." He said walking backwards towards the center.
"Remember crying?" I joked pointing to his tattoo. He shooed me off with a
laugh. I maneuvered myself off the sidelines to grab Sophie at the entrance to
the gym.
"Niall?" She asked. We hadn't officially met.
"That'd be me." I said with a smile. I pulled my hands out my jeans to shake,
which she accepted.
"Sophie. So you ready to get the boyfriend's back together?" She smiled
nudging me in the arm.
"That's what I came to do babe" She smiled and we heard the buzzer.
"That's are cue." I nodded. "Phone on?" I nodded again.
"Let's do dis!" I cheered.

-louis p.o.v-

F*cking Niall James Horan.
Why am I friends with you.
You twat.
I walked into the stuffy gymnasium. Knew I'd be Instantly regretting my choice to
go with Niall.
I hate him.
"Just go Lou, it's for Liam! I need a wingman!"
I'm going to slap him at home.
"Don't worry Lou you'll be fine! I'm gonna go talk to Liam." With that he ran off.
Damn him.
Like I always say, I'm used to the looks. BUT I do NOT want to be that awkward
person who doesn't even go to the school. But is the center of attention.
Now I'm sitting next to Harry. Green burning Blue. More like Green burning my
pants. I hate myself for not taking a hoodie. I just got out my damn Portland
basketball t shirt. Which just caused my tattoos to soak in the attention.
Thankfully, I was somewhat smart when I left the house and took out my
snakebites. And nose ring. Septum. but left in my eyebrow and plugs. I felt that
was suitable.
The buzzer sounded and Liam and some guy from the away team went to the center. The ref through up the ball and both boys jumped for it. Liam got
possession of the ball like it was no sweat. Then he passed off the ball to his
teammate. He bolted down the court. Got the ball passed back to him and
dunked the ball. The crowd screamed. I almost missed what someone said.
"May I ask why you are even here?" Hardy asked over the shouts in my ear. I
felt goosebumps cover my arms as I turned my van covered foot at his words a
"Niall wanted me to go. And Liam's a friend. Why not?" He nodded. He looked
"Where is Niall?" He asked. I shrugged.
"Don't know, where's your... Friend?" I asked sadly.
"No clue. Why do you care?" My muscles tightened.

Why shouldn't I care?" I questioned.
"Well you didn't care when I left why care now?" He sassily answered.
"Yeah okay." I said holding up my hands in defense. He gave me a glare. "Can I
help you or are you gonna stare at me like the rest of the people here who think
I'm some tattooed animal?" I angrily asked. He settled his eyes back on the
court as did I.

-liam's p.o.v-

Halftime blew by. With me scoring nearly have the points we got, leading by 10
us. 35 to 20. I met Niall under the bleachers where I sipped on my water bottle,
sweating profusely.
"Well?" I choked out.
"Well... They talked.. And fought. Then shut up." I ran my fingers through my
short hair.
"Damn it. How the hell is this gonna work?" I asked breathing heavily. Niall
shrugged, then his eyes lit up.
"Would you mind cruelty?" He smirked. I raised my eyebrow.
"How cruel?" I hesitantly asked. Niall smirk grew bigger.
"Is Ryan here?" I slowly brought the water bottle from my lips.
"Trust me! I just need to talk to Lou for a sec." I gave him a questioning look.
"Trust me! I'll make it work!" I nodded.
"Alright. Alright! I trust you! Jesus. Don't call the queen." I joked. Niall smile and
gave me a quick hug, not even caring about my sweaty body.
"Good! Queen won't be called. Just Niall's brilliance." I rolled my eyes. The
buzzer sounded again. "Go out and win. Nice shots by the way. Love your dunk
face too." He winked. I blushed.
"Thanks so much!" I said sarcastically before jogging back out to the court.
"GO LIAM!" He shouted under the bleachers. I laughed and went back out with
a smile on my face. Only to notice Niall typing away a message to Lou.

-harry's p.o.v-

Louis tensed up. His jaw tightened and hands turned into fists as he stared at
his phone. I grew curious, but didn't let it show. I simply as going to turn my
attention back to the game, when Louis pounced up, ready to scream. My eyes
followed him as he ran out the gym, nearly kicking the gym doors on his way
out. I got nervous. Really. Really nervous. I hadn't seen him mad like that, not
even when I got beat up. I followed him. Trying to figure out where he went.
"You got a lot of f*cking nerve Ryan!" I heard someone growl. I turned the corner
to see Louis pinning Ryan to the wall.
Louis pinning Ryan.
"Sorry if I hit your little gay friend." Ryan sneered.
"He's my boyfriend you dip sh*t!" Louis pinned him harder. My eyes widens.
"Oh so your a little gay boy to?" He laughed. Louis kneed him in the crotch.
"And your a little boy still in the lower department aren't you Ryan? If you don't
leave Harry alone I swear to go I will come back and kill you. And if you think I'm
playing-" Louis pulled out a knife. "- I'm not." He smiled. Ryan nodded and
hurried away, barley on his feet.
"L-Louis?" I asked still in shock. He turned around. His eyes went wide.
"Harry... You saw that..." I nodded slowly. "Haz I'm sorry for pushing you away I
just-" I walked over to him.
"Didn't know how to say it?" I finished for him. He gave me a 'Basically' smile. I
stood close to him. "Louis? Do you love me?"
"Yeah. Yeah I do." I smiled.
"Louis I-"
Then it stopped. He kissed me. And not one of those stupid penguin pecks. A
real one. Filled with love. The one I always wanted. It seemed addictive. The
taste of his lips. How soft they were on mine. The way his hand was my my neck
and his thumb just by my ear. It was perfect. The eruption of the buzzer and
cheering brought us out of our halt on time. I pushed our foreheads together.
"Guess we won." I whispered against him. He nodded.
"Guess your team won the game too." He smiled. I smiled and locked myself in
his cerulean eyes.
"I love you Hazza." He mumbled.
"Love you too Lou"


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