From Hate to Love (Harry Styles

This is a Harry Styles fanfic. NOT FAMOUS. If you're not ready to read some detailed sex scenes then may i say this is not the story for you to read. Also please excuse any misspelling errors <3. Thank you for reading <3


1. Chapter 1



4 Years fighting with that stupid kid ... you don't know how much I hate him. And it all started when the asshole became popular. Now I am 17, but I started hating him when I was 12.



* In Class * (12 yrs old )


"Hey , cowgirl ... !"Harry said referring to me, but I didn't care , "Don't play hard , or did you not understand the urban language ... Clearly, you live in the field and understand only that language." He and all his friends began to laugh, but that is not enough to pay attention.


"Well guys ... the girl with lice didn't pay us attention."


"What do you want! Tell me what the fuck are you getting from talking shit to me!" He looked at me speechless.


"I made you angry? Oh ... I'm sorry ... I didn't mean to make the poor girl who's parents divorced because of cry."


"My parents didn't divorced because of me. And least I don't still sleep with teddy bears!" His friends burst out laughing .




Since then, Harry treats me badly , trying to make my life hell. The worst is that the ass is my front door neighbor.


"Hun can you come down!!" mom cried from the first floor.

"I'll be down in a minute!" I left my room and got to the kitchen.

Mom: "Honey, I need you to get ready."

"What for?"

"We have dinner at the Styles's home."

"haha I'm not going." I turned and intended to go to my room.

"Lucy... we have to go" I went back to look at my mother.

"Why? You know perfectly well that I hate Harry."

"Well, it's a way to get along."

“hahaha us...along? Never.

"Besides today is Anne's Birthday"

"I don't want to go ... tell them... I'm sick."

“ won't cost you anything to go.”

“Sure it will. I have to put up with that idiot.”

“Lucy... Look, I know i can't force you to do anything but ... what if I buy you Selena Gomez's CD?”

“The CD? I said tempting the offer.”


“Fine.” I said. I went to my room to fix a bit and came back downstairs. “I'm ready!”

“Well , come on.”

“Wait, keys.” I took the keys to the house, put them in my pocket and left. We rang the bell to the neighbors’ house and the idiot, Harry, went to open the door.


“Hello Harry” Mom greeted him.

“Hi Mrs. Styles, come on in” Asshole, he behaved like a gentleman when my mother was here.

“Hi Harry” My mother entered first and by "accident” I happened to step on Harry, “Sorry” I said and walked straight into the house ignoring his response.

“Hi Aunt Anne, happy birthday!” I said giving her a hug.

“Thanks honey.” She said with a smile. Anne is so adorable; however, I don’t know where Harry got his shit of. “Well, on to the table”

We settled, Harry was in front of me and he never took his eyes off me. We were having a great time in dinner, until I felt a kick. God how childish is this guy! But I didn’t pay attention. Then the second came, and I ignored it as well. But I got pissed at the third one. Can he not be a little more mature? I got bored so I “accidentally" I accidentally dropped my fork and went down to pick it up, but since I'm so vengeful I approached Harry under the table and stabbed his friend.

I had to cover my mouth to keep from laughing. He is stupid and he twisted in pain. I returned to my seat and he looked at me with a face full of hatred. When we finished eating, I faked a headache. “Mom, I feel bad, and my head hurts.”  I whispered.

“If you want to you can go home.”

“Okay.” I'm not that good at acting, but my mother is easy to convince. “Will you stay here?”

“Yes I’ll be home in a while”

“Goodbye then.”  I said to Anne, but not Harry and I finally got out of that house. When I got home I just wanted to sleep. I got in not through the front door but through the kitchen door, that door was only locked at night. I went to my room and decided to take a shower. I took a 15 minute shower and went out of the bathroom with my towel wrapped on me and I almost fell back.





hope you guys like it <3

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