The Daughters Of One Direction...

Meet Naomi Horan, Ruby Malik, Scarlett Tomilnson, Megan Payne, and Darcy Styles are the daughters of one direction. There all cousins/friends. There all 13 years old. There very popular at school because the daughters of 1D. There in middle school in 8th grade. The parents are only 30 years old. The parents our still very popular.
I can't say it all so READ THE DAUGHTERS OF ONE DIRECTION......


7. Chapter 7:

Rubys POV:

Me and Naomi were sitting together and hearing who was winning. Then we hear the name 5 stars and then more. " Naomi I thought we broke up and were still nominated " I said. She shrugged. " and our winners for singing miss moving on ( A/N: pretend they made the song it's from fifth harmony bit I needed a song ). We screamed. All of us from 5 stars. I gave a peck on Jason's check and stood up. We walked up and people were screaming like crazy. Some tried to touch us or us to give the high fives. Then I see a little girl around the age of 8 came running towards me she got out of the ropes she can't come over here. She was so cute then I see security coming to her. We were still walking towards the stage. I ran up to the little girl . " hey what's wrong?" I asked her. " I lost my mommy and I got out to find her and then they came after me " she said. I holded her hand and brought her with me. Naomi was waiting smiling. We got to the stage. We recieved the ward and said some few words. " I can't believe we were still nominated even though I cancelled 5 stars " I said. " and who does this adorable little girl belong to " I said. " SHE IS MINE " a women yelled crying and running to hug her. " thanks ruby " the woman said. Then I saw the girl that I gave my number to outside walking and hugging the little girl. I waved hi to her, she waved back. We got out of stage. Instead of me walking back to my seat I walked out. Jake followed me thinking I was going to sit down. People were outside allot of people. " ruby please bring back 5 stars " fans screamed. I got my phone out and checked the time 1 hour more and we leave. I took pictures with fans and sighed more autos and walked to Jason. He wrapped his hands around my waist and we walked back. 

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