The Daughters Of One Direction...

Meet Naomi Horan, Ruby Malik, Scarlett Tomilnson, Megan Payne, and Darcy Styles are the daughters of one direction. There all cousins/friends. There all 13 years old. There very popular at school because the daughters of 1D. There in middle school in 8th grade. The parents are only 30 years old. The parents our still very popular.
I can't say it all so READ THE DAUGHTERS OF ONE DIRECTION......


6. Chapter 6:

Rubys POV:

( A/N: sorry guys other chapter I couldn't upload more writing so this is part of chapter 5 )

After I put on the dress I put on my heels. I know I'm 13 but come on there not that high and I could walk in them well they are a bit high but still. I put on some make up like mascara, eye shadow, and blush, and a bit of shiny pink lipgloss. I put on a pinkish goldish necklace, and gold bracelts. I did my hair. I straitened it and then curled the bottoms. I walked downstairs but went back upstairs because I forgot my iPhone 5s. I checked the time it's was 2:37. I hurried downstairs. I was still sad about yesterday and I was going to see Jason and his band and my cousins and most of all Darcy. Scarlett is bieng mean also because she went on team Darcy and Blake also. My parents were ready. Then the doorbell rang. My dad went to open it. I was left talking with my mom. My mom was wearing a long dress and she looked pretty. My dad was wearing a suit. " come on in guys... " my dad said.  I knew who it was they were my uncles with my aunts and my cousins. Oh no. I walked to the couch and sat down pretending not to hear nobody. Then i heard Damien's voice talking to Darcy. " ruby " I heard Naomi say. " hey " I said. " come sit guys " I said talking to Naomi, and Megan. They sat down and we talked for awhile. I turned around and Damien was hugging Darcy. Megan was wearing a long dress and it showed her back a little. Naomi was wearing a short short dress with heels like Megan's. they both had accessories on and makeup. I went upstairs to get my earrings. I went back downstairs. " come on we're leaving" my mom yelled. I never met the other boys parents like Selena Gomez or Justin bieber. Or Cody Simpson or like that. I have met allot of celebrities but not the boys parents. I got I the limo with Naomi and Megan. Scarlett and Darcy and Damien were in the back of us. " so when we get there I'm meeting up with the boys " I heard Damien say. 

When we got there everyone got off. Paps Were taking pictures already. I was on my phone. " Naomi what is it like dating you're boyfriend David " a pap said to Naomi. " it's fun and cool he is nice so I love dating him " Naomi said. " ruby why did you storm out in the rain yesterday " a pap said. I didn't answer. " ruby please answer the question. " ok I will answer the question it is none of you're buisness ok " I snapped. " fine then what is it like bieng the daughter of perrie Edwards and zayn malik? " he asked. " its cool " I said. People were asking us to sighn autos. I sighed an auto for a girl that looked like she was 11. I was about to leave when the girl grabs my hand. " ruby wait " she said. " please bring back 5 stars PLEASSE do it for me do it for you're fans " she said. I jtoced she was wearing a 5 stairs shirt with us on it. I nodded and gave her a hug. Before leaving I wrote my cell phone number on her hand. " don't give it nobody write on a piece of paper before people write on their phone the wash it off ok " I said. She nodded. I waved goodbye and walked away. I said hi to fans and to people, that's aged to us because they recognized from commercials or songs that were leaked on YouTube that we made or that were the daughters of one direction. Then I spotted the jailbreakers.the jailbreakers was the band of Damien, Blake, Riley, and Jason. Damienran over to them. Jason was hugging fans and giving them autos. He spotted me and stared at me. The boys were black tuxedos and white ties. Jason's blonde hair was in a Mohawk and his piercings in his ear, he was so hot. He was still staring at me. We were on the red carpet all the celebrities. I walked to Naomi. " hey what's up? " she asked. " Jason just spotted me " I said. " yeah you're still sad huh " she said giving me a hug. I nodded. " ill be back in a few " she said. She walked over to a fan and took a picture. I wonder were her boyfriend is. Oh nevermind he is right there I didn't notice he came with us. We're walking close to Jason. Jason said something to the boys and ran up to me and grabbed my hand. " let go of me " I said my voice shrieking. I didn't want to be near him because then I would start crying. " just listen " he said. " no let go if you want me to start crying " I said again. The crowns was trying to listen but they couldn't hear that's well because of the huge noise. " just let go Jason " I said pulling my arm but it wouldn't work. " I have to go " I said. " Jason let go of her arm she isint worth it see she won't even listen to you " Damien said walking over here.  " I hate you " I told Damien. " I know " he said smiling. " you know what Damien I think you're right I'm spending my time trying to get her back when she DOESINT even listen to me " Jason said to Damien. Wich surprised me because i thought he cared. I wanted to cry so bad but in front of everybody. " but she is worth it and if you can't see it I'm sorry damien " Jason said smiling and looking at me. He leaned in for a kiss. Our lips met each other and we kissed passionately. We separated and all the fans and people were awwwing us. We smiled. " ruby would you be my girlfriend " Jason asked. " of course Jason" I said. he hugged me. Damien looked mad and turned away and went to Darcy. " so jason now that were officially dating now again, I want to say thanks for doing what you did to get me back " I said. " you're welcome and he hugged me. " I got to go Jason bye ill see you soon I got to go inside " I said. " I'm going inside my parents and my bandmates parents are right infront of us talking toure parents and you're ex bandmates. " he said. I looked and saw thier parents. I was freaking out because I really wanted to meet Selena Gomez and Justin bieber. " Jason you're parents ahhh " I said shouting. He smiled. We hugged and walked inside the huge building. All the celebrities had to sit in front. So we waited until the awards show starts I wonder who will win awards this year?

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