The Daughters Of One Direction...

Meet Naomi Horan, Ruby Malik, Scarlett Tomilnson, Megan Payne, and Darcy Styles are the daughters of one direction. There all cousins/friends. There all 13 years old. There very popular at school because the daughters of 1D. There in middle school in 8th grade. The parents are only 30 years old. The parents our still very popular.
I can't say it all so READ THE DAUGHTERS OF ONE DIRECTION......


9. Back together with Damien?:

Rubys POV:

" Damien please stay " I begged to damien. " sorry ruby about you and Jason " Damien said. " it's ok and I'm sorry also about you and Darcy " I said back. " let's have a sleepover " I said to Damien I know I hated him but what Darcy and Jason cheated on both of us. " umm ruby don't you think it is kinda wierd that a boy and a girl having a sleepover " Damien said all weirdly. I nodded. He moved his hands to his head. " Damien you want to wait here and watch a movie while I go take a shower?" I asked. " yeah umm ill pick the movie you go " he said. I nodded and picked my clothes secretly so he wouldn't see my under clothes. I went and took a shower. After the shower I blowed dryer my hair and got changed. I put my hair in a ponytail and went out. I was wearing pj shorts and a tank top. I wore a sweater around me because the tank top shoes a bit of cleavage and well Damien is here so yeah.  I got out of the bathroom and there was Naomi with Damien, and Damien was in my bed sleeping. Well he went to sleep fast and in my bed and at my house. " help ,e wake him up" I told Naomi. She nodded. We woke him up and he was like yawning. " ill be going now " he said and walked out. I nodded and sat on my bed. " Naomi why do bad things always happen to me? " I asked. Naomi shrugged. " my mom is staying over at you're house with my dad so I'm staying also" Naomi said. " yay " I shouted. That's when Damien comes back in. " uh sorry I forgot my hat" Damien said. He opened the door and winked at me. " uh wait " I called after Damien and ran out put of the room. " umm so umm well you want to come over tommorow?" I asked him. " yeah " he said smiling big. " umm so" Damien said. " yeah well bye " I said awkwardly. He waved and went down stairs. I went back in the room. " Naomi who do I like Damien or Jason " I asked Naomi, she shrugged once more. " ok I'm going to going to change alright "she said back. When she got out  She was wearing pjs. She was wearing pj shirts and a tank top. Hers had tiny bunnies on it. Yeah all of the cousins like Naomi, me, Scarlett, Megan, and Darcy all have some kind of thing like Naomi is the sweet, shy, lovable one, she is not that shy anymore. I'm the cool, bad, nice,cool one. Scarlett is the nice mostly mean, pushy, one. Megan is the nice, kind one. And Darcy ised to be nice now she is mean.  I got in my bed next to Naomi and watched movies until we fell asleep.

~Next Day~

I woke up by the tv. We left the tv on at night. I turned around to see Naomi still sleeping. I decided not to wake her up. But she woke up when I layed down. " good morning Ruby " Naomi said sleepingly. " good morning Naomi " I said back. I got up and went to the bathroom to get  two combs. I went back out and gave a comb/brush to Naomi. We brushed out hair and went downstairs still in our pjs. " Hey dad " I said screaming because I was still half down the stairs.  hey honey all you're aunts and cousins are here with you're uncles" he said. I sighed. " let's go back up stairs so we can change " I sighed once more. Naomi had a bag she brought with her own clothes. She dressed up in my room and I dressed in my bathroom in my room. I wore high wasted shorts and a denim tie up shirt that shows my belly button a bit. I got out to see Naomi wearing ripped black skinny jeans and a white strapless shirt with a vest over it, and flats. I was wearing flats also. " can I go to you're bathroom to do my makeup? " Naomi asked. " yeah and I'll go too I have to do mine " I said. She grabbed her make up bag and we walked in the bathroom. I put on foundation under my eyes, blush, mascara, eye liner, and lipgloss. Naomi did the same. Me and Naomi don't steak then our hair that much Naomi is kinda has straight hair and me I love my look of my hair it has like straight ending with curls. I was satisfied with my look and I think Naomi was satisfied with her look. Then we walked downstairs. Damien was there already . With Riley, Blake, David, Jason.  Jason stared at me. Megan, Darcy, Scarlett were her also. Damien walked over. " I didn't know they were coming over also?" He said. " me either " I said back. " you look very pretty just saying " Damien said, wich Made me blush a little. Jason turned red a bit wich scared me. " dad I'm going to the park " I said. " with Naomi, David, and Damien. " I yelled once more. " ok but take you're other cousins and the boys. " he said. I sighed, " ok " I said. I walked out to recieved flashing and pictures from the paparazzi asking soo many questions. " can we please go through " Megan said to the paps. We got passed but some paps followed us. " ughh can they get a break " I said. Damien smiled. We got to the park and I sat down in one of the swings. Damien came behind me and pushed me higher, wich I got a little freaked out because I was so high up. I screamed for him to stop until he stopped. Scarlett was just with Darcy on the chairs. All the boys were in a group talking. Jason just kept staring at me. I went to sit down. I got out my phone and played candy crush, wich I am horrible at.  I can't get passed level 4 ( made it up ). We stayed there for at least half an hour more. Me and Damien started to walk home with Naomi and David. The others were in the back. Damien hugged me around the waist. " Damien no stop " is aid looking straight at him and taking his hands away. " why I thought we had a connection together again ruby ? " he said still not taking his hands away. " no we don't now TAKE TOURE HANDS OF MY FREAKING WAIST " I said louder. He still did to take them off. He turned around to face me now. His face inched apart from mine. " STOP" I yelled. " SHE TOLD TOU TO STOP " I heard someone yell and Damien was soon pushed of of me. I looked who it was. It was Jason. I ran with Naomi and hugged her. " never hanging out with him again " I said to Naomi trying to hold back the tears. Jason punched Damien in the stomach at least 6 times then got up. Damien punched and scratched Jason allot.m

Me and Naomi ran to the house with David behind us. I'm only 13 and all this is happening to me. Then I saw jason and the others run back. " Megan where is Damien?" I asked. " he is coming " she said. " Naomi, David, Megan, Riley up to my room let's go " I said. " honey if you're going to youre room take everybody " my mom said. She heard us?. " fine lets go and hide " I said. We went up to my room. I locked the doors behind me. Everybody was standing up so I just layed down in my bed. " you can sit " I said. They all sat where evr they wanted. " ok sort this out guys you guys love each other " Megan said. Everybody stared at her like she was talking crazy talk. " ruby and Jason "  she said. I ignored the talk and went on my phone.  I played flappy bird. My high score is 213. But I can't pass that. "  sorry but no " I finally said. Jason looked at me, and I shrugged. I got tired of my phone so I went to turn on the tv. I out on Netflix and watched the haunting of Connecticut. Megan took the remote. " what he hell Megan"I said trying to get the remote back. " make up you and Jason " she said. " hell no " I said. I took my iPad and went on Netflix on it, soon to be taking away by Megan also.  " oh my god Megan stop " I whined like a little baby. I took out my phone but I hold onto it. Megan tried but she won and took it away also. " god Megan stop taking my stuff away " I said. " we'll talk to him " she said. " then ill give you back you're stuff " she said once more. I looked at Jason. " nah I prefer staying with out my stuff I'll go buy newer stuff se ya " I said. Inside I really wanted to talk to Jason but I can't let him of the chain that easily. 



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