Runaway Love

~Niall fanfic~There was only one way out and it was to runaway. She couldn't wait there any longer or her dad would eventually kill her. When she got there she met Niall, but it wasn't in her plan to find a boy especially after what happened. What will happen to her in her new life?


6. Trent

                    I heard something hit my window so I looked and it was Trent. Last year Trent made me a latter to hide under my bed so I can leave without my dad knowing. I quietly pulled it out and opened my window. Its retractable so I put it against my window sill and the rest came down. Trent started walking up and half way through someone knocked on my door. I looked down at Trent then shut the curtains. I ran to my door took a deep breath then opened it and It was my dad.

" I'm leaving and I wont come back till late don't leave this room slut " and with that he slammed the door shut in my face.

                         I ran over to my window. opened the curtains, and motioned Trent to come up. when he got in I sat on the bed and he sat across from me.

" Tell me what happened love " My eyes started water at the question 

" I came home and he started calling me names and grabbed my arm and burned it and hit me and he...he "

I started completely crying. Trent picked me up and put me on his lap and hugged me tight

" It will be alright darling now let me see it "

                   I shook my head If he looked he would see all my cuts and I don't want him to look at me like some charity case.

" Please " he said in a quit whisper while looking me in the eyes. I sighed and nodded. He rolled up my sleeve but it wasn't enough to show the marks . He looked up at me and looked sad.

" Fine hold on " He looked really happy. last year me and Trent became really close after Justin died and I only talked to Trent. That year me and Trent had a one night stand but never more. we've always been 'just friends' but sometimes we flirt. I took off my shirt so I was only in my black bra

" Wow!!! " Trent's eyes got all big

" Is it that bad?!?! "

" No your boobs are just really fuckin big Lacey " I hit his arm really hard

" perv "we started laughing but it hurt my head and i flinched

" Lacey,are you okay love "

" Um ya my head just hurts. That's all "

" Okay let me see your arm " he said grabbing it and pulling it straight twords him

                            He gasped and looked in my eyes 

" I'm so sorry love " he looked at my arm and kissed it

" I wont ever let anything happen to you okay? " he said with a sad concerning look.

                              I just nodded and he pushed me into his chest and wrapped his arms around my body. He smelt like axe and weed. I think he had some on him i only tried it once and it was right before me and Trent had sex that one night. He rubbed my back and I could hear his heart beating. I yawned and Trent looked down at me and kissed my forehead.

" Go to sleep love its getting late "

" What time is it? " I didn't think its late. last time I looked it was around 5 pm

" It doesn't matter you need to heel and tomorrow your not going to school your staying with me. "

" lay down with me till I fall asleep please. I don't want to be alone " I said my head still on his chest and my eyes closed"

" Alright but let me put the latter away and close your window"

" Okay I need to take off my make up anyways " I replied walking twords the bathroom

                            I looked in the mirror. Ew my make up was all over from me crying. I held my bangs back with my hand and took off my make up. I took off my pants too forgetting Trent was in the room.

*whistle* " yeah free strip show "

" shut up " i\I said shutting the door. I cant believe I did that. My body is so....ugly I have scars and im fat .How could I let this happen? I heard knocking at the bathroom door. I opened the door hiding behind it.

" I'm sorry if i hurt your feelings love I was just kidding "

" Its fine but will you go get me some clothes "

" Yeah but I think you forget Ive already seen you completely naked theres no need for clothese " he said walking to my closet

" yes there is "

" And what is that "

" I have scars "

" I have them to"

" No "

" why "

" Because "

" Because fucking what Lacey your perfect, your not fat, or ugly, your scars don't bother me, and obviously you don't care you took off your shirt in front of me earlier anyways so what the fuck is wrong " 

                              I ran into his arms crying he held me tightly as soon as my body touched his

" I am " is all I said 

" You are what? "

" Fat "

" No love your not " he said picking me up and spinning me around and setting me on the bed        " I promise "he said in a whisper.

" Stay the nigh t"

" What? "

" Stay the night with me "

" Fine let me call Caitlin first "

" yeah " I said getting my phone

                                                                   *5 minutes later*

" She said yeah "

" Yay "

                                   He took off his shirt and shorts. It was an all black shirt and the sleeves were rolled up with black Nike basketball shorts

" I still need clothes "

" "

                        He tossed me his shirt and I put it on. It was a little big and hung to the edge of my butt. He walked over and kissed my forehead and picked me up I put my legs around his waist and started kissing him. It got heated and he put me on the bed still holding onto me. I put my hand on his chest he has perfect abs. I stopped and pulled away.

" What did i do? " he said looking in my eyes confused

" I'm sorry I cant" I said feeling bad

" Its fine love if you don't want to I wont pressure you ok " he said laying down next to me

                                  I cuddled my head in his chest and he wrapped his arms around me. I fell asleep listening to his heart beat and the smell of his cologne. It was perfect 






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