Runaway Love

~Niall fanfic~There was only one way out and it was to runaway. She couldn't wait there any longer or her dad would eventually kill her. When she got there she met Niall, but it wasn't in her plan to find a boy especially after what happened. What will happen to her in her new life?


1. school

                                        I woke up and it was dark like usual. I turned on the light and smiled at my posters. I have a weird music taste; it's a mix of punk,scremo,and pop. That's why no one would think i would like One Direction or Litle Mix, but i do. I love larry and Payzer, but eveyone see's me as "dark". I kind of like it though. It lets me be numb, I have friends but i don't think they care. What will happen the day i kill myself? There won't be anyone at my funeral or someone to cry for me. No one will think about me or wish they could say final words because I will just be an empty chair in school. My dad would wish he were the one to kill me But in the end who would care for me a stupid, useless, ugly, fat, scene/emo girl...there is nobody, and that is why i stay numb.

                                   Today was Friday and I needed to get ready for school.I wore a black shirt and rolled up the sleaves with black skinny jeans and dark blue converse. I topped off my outfit with braclets. I treasure them so much but i where them mainly to cover up my tatoo. It says justin, he was the love of my life but he killed himself when he was sixteen and i was fifteen. I just wish i had died with him. A tear hit my hand and i realised I was wasting time.

                                    I'm now seventeen, almost eighteen so i drive myself to school. I grabbed my backpack and headed off to the hell hole I'm forced to go to called school. I walked to my car and shut the door, then sighed and said "Don't worry, it's friday".

                                      I went to my first period class and they were doing attendance. They called out my name "Lacey Blake?"

                                       I said "here", and the popular girls said "what a pretty name...sad it was given to such an ugly girl". The teacher heard but didn't say anything.

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