Runaway Love

~Niall fanfic~There was only one way out and it was to runaway. She couldn't wait there any longer or her dad would eventually kill her. When she got there she met Niall, but it wasn't in her plan to find a boy especially after what happened. What will happen to her in her new life?


2. Going home

                                                                                                      *fourth period*

                                   The teacher was handing out our math homework and once I got it I got up to leave. I was walking and some girl tripped me. I just got up and went to my locker.

                                   My friend Skar (real name Skarlet Quinn) walked up to me and said "oh my god, what happened? Come on lets get you to the nurse."

                                       I didn't know she meant, so I asked "what?". She pulled out a mirror and my nose was bleed and i had a huge cut on the side off my face. I gave her the mirror back and "okay lets go."

                                       By the time we got there the bell rang and she went to class, and I sat in the nurses office. When the nurse came out she told me to wash off the blood and then come back. When i came back she asked what happened and i told her i had tripped in the hall way. She told me i could go home if it hurts a lot. I decided to go home and the nurse wrote me a slip to go to the office and sign out.

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