The plot of the story tells how both pupils compete to be the best at what they do, be star schools. It is an incredible battle between boys and girls. Or better known as Singers (BOYS) and Dancers (Girls). This battle lasted for many years between the two schools. But this focuses on a group of 5 girls, Delfina, Brisa, Juliet, Eleanor and Perrie, and five boys, Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis and Zayn. These teens are involved in the battle but fall in love and try to end the battle ... They succeeded? Succeed in both schools work together in order to enter The X Factor together?


1. The begining of everything

A long time existed a group called The Selected. They were six friends who loved to sing and dance. It's members were: Lisandro, Bruno, Yago, Luciana, Cristal and Azul. The members of the band ended up falling in love for each other. Luciana was dating Bruno, Yago was Azul's boyfriend and Cristal with Lisandro were the couple of the year. But one day everything changed...

Azul-You know what, Yago? This isn't working anymore. I got fed up with you talking about the other girls that dance better than me. You can take your things and leave.

And this was what detonated the bomb. They all broke up and the band splitted up. The girls were on one side and boys on the other. When they grew older they got married and had children. What these ex-Selected were working on?The girls founded their own dancers boarding school. And the boys founded one of their own also but of course it was from singers. In both schools either members of the opposite sex are allowed . The battle continued for many years but is still waiting for the day when all this will change forever and end this dispute

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