Heartbeat Away {Luke Hemmings}

Luke broke her heart so many years ago. However, he's never fully gotten over her. He's tried everything to get her back, but with her changed email, Twitter, deleted Facebook and number, there was no way for him to contact her. When he finally thinks he's over her, she spots her in the streets with him. She gives signs that she might like him again, except she has a boyfriend. Will she dump her current boyfriend of 4 years for Luke, or will she be the one time break Luke's heart this time?


15. Drive By

Rosie's POV


I rolled my eyes, throwing on a denim jacket and a set of running shoes, since I haven't been out since my trip to the gym this morning, nor had I changed when I probably smelled like sweat. 


To the Wastelands I go. Luke lived about 20 minutes from me, so I never understood why letters always took 3/4 days to arrive. 


"Lucas Robert Hemmings, open up!" my voice escalated as I knocked on the door. "Your lights are on, come on!" 


"No hablas inglés." I heard in a high pitched accent. 


"Luke, seriously!" 


"No, you sound mad." 


"I'm not mad, I'm cold, open up." I bang a few more times. I never got hot, only cold. I didn't understand why I was cold, considering the nearly 100 degreeFahrenheit temperature in the area. 


The door clicked and I was greeted by the dimpled Luke. "Hi," he stated awkwardly, raising his hand in the air a bit. 


"What is this?" I waved around the note. 


"What's that?" 


"I called Calum. I know it's from you. Did you not want to go to the party with me? Because you could have just told me instead of leaving me anxious for a week." 


He stood there silent, scratching the back of his head, trying to find what he should say next to soften the blow. 

"Um. I um. Sorry." 


"Luke. I will never understand you. I thought I used to, but I guess I was wrong. I'll see you tomorrow Hemmo." 


With that, I handed him the letter and left his not-so humble abode again. 

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