Heartbeat Away {Luke Hemmings}

Luke broke her heart so many years ago. However, he's never fully gotten over her. He's tried everything to get her back, but with her changed email, Twitter, deleted Facebook and number, there was no way for him to contact her. When he finally thinks he's over her, she spots her in the streets with him. She gives signs that she might like him again, except she has a boyfriend. Will she dump her current boyfriend of 4 years for Luke, or will she be the one time break Luke's heart this time?


7. Date Plans

Rosie's POV


I could still feel the sugar swarming around my throat. I coughed from time to time, but chose to ignore the concept of dying from inhaling sugar. It was like the cinnamon challenge all over again, minus the brown powder and not as bad tasting. 


The waiter soon came with our food. Even though it was lunch time, he had allowed us to have breakfast. Yay! 

The waiter who resembled Dalton a bit put the plate of pancakes in front of me. I would have never eaten anything like this, but in occasion of seeing the boys again I had to. 

I thanked the kind man for having to deal with Michael's boyishness, handing him a tip for his service. 


"Gosh Michael, wait until the poor guys leaves before you dig in like that. You're almost 33!"


"But I'm hungryyyy..." He mumbled out with his mouth full of syrup. "And must you always bring up my almost to-be age." 


"Ew, Michael close your mouth when you eat. I don't want to see all of the mushed up enzymes and saliva in your mouth." Ashton whined with food in his mouth as well. 


"Both of you are so gross. I swear, you guys are still 17." 


"Whateverrrrr.." Michael started, finally swallowing his first bite of the pancakes. "So, Rosie, do youuu have a date to my birthday?" 


I thought for a second. Dalton wouldn't be in town for the next few weeks after today so... "No.. I guess not." 


"What about Dalton?" Ashton commented, digesting his brunch as well.


"He's gonna be out of time. Is it ok if I don't take a date Michael?" 


Instead of answering, he held up a finger making me wait for him to get off his phone. The conversation he was having ended quickly. Before I could ask him who he was speaking to, he shouted excitedly. 


"I found you a date!!" 


The nervousness flooded through me, for Michael was never good at setting me up with dates. I still remember that one terrible date he had arranged for me right after Luke and I broke up. "Who...?" I asked regretfully.


"Mr. Hemmings!" 


"Mr. Hemmings? As in Luke Hemmings."


He nodded his head while pouring more syrup onto his plate. 


"Yeah.. What's so wrong with Luke? I mean, he doesn't have a date, you don't have a date. You two haven't seen each other in years I believe, and he said he's fine with."


"I guess it couldn't hurt. I mean, it's just that I've written him two or three letters and he's never written back. I sent him a voicemail a while ago and he hasn't called back yet. I wasn't even sure he was alive until just now." 


"Well neither did I, but I miss making fun of the little guy. Come on, pleaseee? Do you really wanna be dateless at a Michael Clifford extravaganza?" 


"Give me time to think and I'll get back to you later. Now.. How about these pancakes?" I spoke again, trying to change the topic and earning an eye roll from Ashton.


****Sorry for the weird chapter. It's only my second time writing in this book and I'm still trying to get the hang of things! Well, obviously, this is the point of view of Rosie during the whole Luke getting the invitation chapter. I hoped you liked it! ~Lanna x

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