Heartbeat Away {Luke Hemmings}

Luke broke her heart so many years ago. However, he's never fully gotten over her. He's tried everything to get her back, but with her changed email, Twitter, deleted Facebook and number, there was no way for him to contact her. When he finally thinks he's over her, she spots her in the streets with him. She gives signs that she might like him again, except she has a boyfriend. Will she dump her current boyfriend of 4 years for Luke, or will she be the one time break Luke's heart this time?


5. Birthday Calls and Probabilities

Luke's POV


It's been two days since Calum came over. I guess you can say I'm not as wrecked as I was before, but I'm still not what you call, 'ok'. Walking out for the first time in maybe, three days?... I went to the mailbox to find clusters of letters waiting to be opened. 

I went through the pile, junk mail, junk mail, more junk mail, Michael's official birthday invite. I opened that letter first before going through the rest of the pile. 


Michael Clifford's 33rd Birthday


Dear Mr. Luke Hemmings, 


I'd like to welcome you to my 33rd birthday. I'm getting old so that means you have to come back from wherever you are and come party with me. 

The occasion is regretfully formal. That means you need a date a tuxedo. Call me or text me if you cannot bring a date so I don't kill you for not obeying me when you get to my birthday. 

Hope to see ya there, 

Michael Clifford



There was a creepy picture of Michael holding a knife trying to look threatening. He looked more like a pedophile in my opinion. I mean, creepy 35 year old holding a knife in the mid-darkness? You tell me if that's creepy or not. 


I threw the junk mail and Michael invite onto the table and continued going through a pile. Mostly all junk mail, except for the last letter. 


Just when I thought I could get over the whole voicemail, she sends me a letter. 


"No.. I'm not opening this. Not now." I put the letter with the rest of them and decided to call Michael about his invite. 


"Hello?" I heard from the other end. 


"Hiya Michael." 


"Luke! Man! Haven't heard from you in a while, how are ya?"


"I'm doing ok I guess. I just got your birthday invite. Just incase Calum didn't tell you, I'll be there. It'll be nice to catch up with you guys." 


"That's great, so I'll see ya there with a date, yeah?"


Date..? I haven't been out in ages, I can't find a girl in a week. 

"Er.. Date? Right, that's why I called. I'm not bringing a date."


"Same old Luke. Hey, Rosie is gonna be there too. She can't bring a date. Maybe you two can go together."




This is what I call Michael being a shit head. Maybe he doesn't remember how things ended between me and Rosie, but this is not cool. 


"Still there?"


"Uh.. Yeah. And I don't know. I'll think about it. I'll see ya next week. Bye."




I hung up the phone, trying not to freak out. Maybe it would be a good idea to Rosie as my date. Maybe she'll like me again and maybe we'll end up together again. Maybe.

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