Love is Terrifying

Just my thoughts on love haha


1. Love is Terrifying

          Honestly to me, love is completely and utterly terrifying.  I don't know if it’s love itself or if it’s the thought of me holding my completely fragile heart out on a string, giving a guy complete control of it. He could easily smash it, break it, or tear it into pieces. Love is terrifying.

            But he could also care for it. Be gentle with it. Hold it with the lightest touch just so he won't harm it.

            But a nice smile and warm eyes does not mean he is not cold and heartless underneath. You honestly can never tell how he will treat you a week, months, or five months in.

         I'm a wimp when it comes to pain. Maybe I'm terrified of the feeling of a broken heart. I’m sure it hurts pretty damn bad. When you see your best friends torn up after a breakup, after he cheats, after he yells at her, argues, gives up on her, that is obviously extremely painful to them. Do I want to risk that?


            Love is completely and utterly terrifying.

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