Obsessed (A Jason McCann love story)

Jason McCann,19 was a known criminal in Las Vegas,Nevada.He was only 16 when he was killed in a standoff with the LVPD. Or at least the LVPD thinks,they killed him...Now,3 years later he's now living in Rockhedge,California.Where he meets a friendly girl named,Samantha Emerson,18.Everything between them seems so normal.Jason's dark side seems to be behind him,but what happens when he becomes obsessed?

Find out in....Obsessed (A Jason McCann love story)


13. Tonight's The Night...

~Jason's P.O.V~

Sammie woke up but she never left the bed.She just sat up and looked out of the window.Of course,I had to act like nothing was gonna happen just so she won't suspect anything.I smiled as I walked back into my room and kissed her on the cheek.I couldn't wait for the night...Then,I get to get my revenge on the bastard that stabbed me....I already had my clothes,mask and weapons ready.All I have to do is wait for the right time to leave...


~That Night~

Sammie is in the living room,watching movies.This is the perfect time to get ready and leave.I put on my black pants,black shirt,black hoodie and black sneakers.I stuffed my mask into the pocket of my hoodie and slid my backpack on my back.The heavy weapons are in the bag...I walked downstairs from my room and into the living room."I'm going to the store,babe.I'll be back...soon",I told Sammie as I walked towards the door."Alright",she said as she stared at the tv.Tonight's the night....


(Author's Note:Another short chapter...So sorry.I know you guys are getting tired of short chapters but I assure you that Chapter 14 will make up for this chapter.Be ready for it. Xoxo ~Amaris)

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