Obsessed (A Jason McCann love story)

Jason McCann,19 was a known criminal in Las Vegas,Nevada.He was only 16 when he was killed in a standoff with the LVPD. Or at least the LVPD thinks,they killed him...Now,3 years later he's now living in Rockhedge,California.Where he meets a friendly girl named,Samantha Emerson,18.Everything between them seems so normal.Jason's dark side seems to be behind him,but what happens when he becomes obsessed?

Find out in....Obsessed (A Jason McCann love story)


9. Self-Control

~Sammie's P.O.V~

I knew I was taking a risk,by running over to Jason and pulling him off of the guy but I don't wanna see Jason go to jail or prison for killing someone.I grabbed Jason's arm and pulled away."Jason!Stop!Look at me!",I yelled at him.He stopped and looked at me,the anger in his hazel eyes finally softening."Sorry...I just couldn't control myself...I saw him flirting with you and I kinda lost it",he said as he looked down at me."It's okay,Jason.I understand",I responded to him.Rubbing his head softly as I looked at him."Come inside",I said as I pulled him into my house,hoping nothing else will set him off and cause him to lose his mind.He smiled at me as we walked inside the house.I walked upstairs to my room and changed into a shirt and some sweatpants.I walked back downstairs into the living room to see Jason sitting on my couch.I sat down next to him and stared at him for a few seconds,admiring how perfect his features were.The way his hazel eyes twinkled and sparkled in the light,the way his perfectly pink lips seemed to naturally be formed in a pout.Sure he had an innocence in his eyes with a badly tainted soul but,I could see past his all that and see that he is really a sweet guy once you get to know him.He looked over at me,his eyes instantly meeting mine.Somehow I got lost in his eyes,by just sitting there.It was if he could see into my soul...It was as if he could control me by just looking into my eyes...He licked his lips as he leaned closer to me,of course,I responded by leaning in too.He pressed his lips to mine gently,what started out as a gentle and sweet kiss then turned into a rough and passionate kiss once he tangled his hands into my hair.His tongue sliding into my mouth,massaging it against mine.I ran my fingers through his hair,pulling him down on top of me.These are the moments where I no longer have self-control...

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