secret twist

Bridget is the top spy who used to be bullied by niall horan what happens if they. Meet again will he apolagize or will they hate


4. reunited

a/n hey so my names tanya and this is my first movellas plz  like or comment also im gonna have a contest to see who will be harry's girlfriend it starts on 11/14/13 to 11/16/13 which means 2 days so you better starting  commenting your names if you want to be his (be warned you will be used as a bitch in this story for a couple chapters 0_0 so be carefull).


#whistle blown # " guys this is bridget she  is gonna be your new security guard remember we asked for a spy." paul informed them all. "hey im bridget faith um if you are in trouble just snap your fingers three tmes and ill be there litteraly "i siad as if it was casual. niallpov as i was chasing louis for my chips i was stopped by a whistle and then paul was talking about crap that i don t care about but then a beautiful slim girl who was carmel started talking and said her name was faith. hold the hell up my faith the one that i go to school ith holly crap she changed into a spy now this oughta be fun.bridgets pov they started asking millions of quesions and i was getting a massive hedach when harry said some thing very cocky " are you good in bed?" " niga you aint ask someone who was born in newjersey if there good in bed  if we were in newjersey you would of got jumped force fed grass and would not be able to talk for 10 days" i said letting my great sassy self come out oohs came from all the boys and harry looked frightended as ever his face was so halariuose i busted out laughing i was litterally on the floor by now because of the stated fact.

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