secret twist

Bridget is the top spy who used to be bullied by niall horan what happens if they. Meet again will he apolagize or will they hate


10. I'm sorry

I called Paul:b_Bridget p_Paul: b:Paul take the boys back home one of the men that my agency is looking for sent someone to make sure I knew I wasn't safe so head out now. P: alright I'll call the boys also can you talk to Niall something is going on with him and he won't talk to anyone else so try and figure out what his problem is. B:alright over and out. #ended# I wonder what's wrong with Niall ? Niall p.o.v I've been so stressed out I'm trying to make a nice apology for the bullying I've done to Bridget ugh I'm so fucked up. While I was lost in my thoughts Paul said we had to go home wow that girl got me going crazy.
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