secret twist

Bridget is the top spy who used to be bullied by niall horan what happens if they. Meet again will he apolagize or will they hate


9. ass kicking

10 minutes later Niall p.o.v I can't believe how sexy she looked when she left wow this is crazy I think I love her more than I love food this is nuts. Bridget p.o.v whilst I was going to get a drink some guy came up in front of me and started checking me out haha he in for an Ass woulping " yo nigga if you don't walk away I'm going to end up in jail for kicking your ass so back the fuck away " "remember this Mr.deems is not done with you so watch your pretty little ass now " carp Mr deems is the man the agency is trying to arrest. "Well then give him this will ya " I gave him one kick in the teeth knocking a couple out and shot him twice in the " thanks for trying to hit me" and with that I was gone
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