Miracle (Niall Fanfic)

When Maddie and Kamryn are going out to have a girls night it get turned around when the world biggest boyband's tour bus breaks down and they are coincidentally there for it. The girls are about to have the time .... of their lives!


17. Love you more than anything.

*Maddie's Pov* 

Everyone was just staring at me. Was it really that surprising?

"What?" I blurted out as they all looked at me more.

"hahaha, wonder how long she'll last" Liam rolled his eyes.

I though he was the mature one! Guess not... I was still in Niall's arms w he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder.

"What are you doing?!" I yelled at him in a playful way hitting him on his back.

"You'll see" He half-whispered in my ear. "Bye guys were going upstairs for a while." He said again as he started carrying me upstairs to our room.

He threw me on the bed then closed the door and ran back to meet me back on the bed. He laid next to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Then he gave me a hug whispered in my ear he loved me and pulled out his IPhone ... 6?!

"How'd you get that?!" I asked amazed at how he got that and how its not even out to the public yet.

"Haha like it? Paul knows this guy who works at apple and got me this for only $5,000! I really love it too" He said as I was still at a loss of words.

"Niiiiiice" Is all I could push out. 

I pulled out my Samsung Note 1 and went on Twitter.

Wonder what Kam and Louis were doing....


*Kam's Pov*

Louis grabbed my hand and started leading me to the stairs.

"Lads, were going upstairs for a little go get some food at the shack down the street or something if you want." Louis told the boys and took my hand again.

He was walking me upstairs and into our room. He told me to go to the bed and sit down.

"Whacha doin?" I asked him as I sat on the bed.

"Noooothing" Louis said with a smirk on his cute little face.

"Fine !"  I pulled out my phone and went on instagram.... No cute shirtless boys :(

"Don't look!" Louis said still getting my surprise ready.

'Kam- Hey girly xx'      

I started to text Maddy to see what she was up to. Almost instantly I got a text back.

' Maddie- Hey xx, what you and Louis doin?? ;)'

' Kam- Very funny, he's settin up dis surprise idk. Wat about u and Niall? ; )'

' Maddie- Nuthin really, I gtg sorry byeeeee girly xx'

' Kam- kk byeee girly luv ya xx'

I put my phone down and looked at Louis, he had chips and put on a movie.

It was The Little Mermaid! My favourite movie!

"What's this Lou?" I asked him confused as to why he would do this..

"Cause I love you and just wanted a little relaxing day with my love." He said with his adorable british accent"
He came and sat down beside me with chips and a blanket. He sat right next to me and slipped his arm around my waist as the movie started. I got so  many butterflies I didn't know what to do with myself.

He turned to me and kissed me passionately for about 30 seconds then pulled back.

"I love you, and all your little things!" He whispered in my ear with a smirk on his face knowing it was the cheesiest song reference ever.

I just love him so much, and I love him more than anything...  




*** A/N ***

Hey guys, sorry for not updating for a while it didn't bloody work! It wouldn't let me publish or anything and it drove me up the walls, but now it works yay! Love you guys thanks for all the support hope you have a great day like I did. Byeee!


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