Miracle (Niall Fanfic)

When Maddie and Kamryn are going out to have a girls night it get turned around when the world biggest boyband's tour bus breaks down and they are coincidentally there for it. The girls are about to have the time .... of their lives!


18. Live for us ... Please??

*Maddie's Pov*

I woke up in Niall  arms, it was 10am ? Did we sleep all of the day yesterday?! Holy crap we did! I just shook off the fact that we did sleep all day yesterday and looked up at Niall gorgeous face. He was just so quiet and peaceful when he was sleeping.

I jumped out of my skin when I heard a breath taking scream, that sounded like it would come from Kam. I wasn't that scared because she screams about everything and since her past she has been sad and scared about a lot too.

So I got up and got dressed in my JC penny black jeggings, my Forever 21 cowboy plaid collar shirt with an oversized sweater that said "Ima Nerd", and my brown Forever 21 combat boots.

I was putting on my foundation when I heard another scream but it stopped in what seemed like the middle. I bet she lost her phone and Louis didn't want her to wake anyone up. Uuuuugh

I finished my foundation put on my Mac powder and went onto my cheeks. I was gonna use my Tango bronzer and blush today, I quickly put that on. Now for my eyes, I used my Rimmel London #03 eye shadow and NYC liquid eyeliner to finish the smoky eye look.

Now was my hair. I haven't done anything with my long brown naturally curly hair in a long time mostly because I've been busy. I wanted to do something with it today, but I don't know what.      I know! I took a part from each side of my hair and pinned it back. Then I curled my hair just a little just to define my natural curls. 

I looked in the mirror;

"Oh, one more thing!" I remembered as I pulled out my EOS lip balm and rubbed it all over my lips.

"There, perfect!" I walked out of the room looking at my IPhone.

I started getting ready at 10:05 now it's 10:25 wow, that didn't take long at all.

I heard another scream then someone getting smacked followed by more screaming and crying. What the fudge is happening in that bloody room? I was about to walk in but I got a thought, what if they where having violent sex..... all the sudden I heard another scream and then some guy say "Give me all of it!" Yep... they probably are, but wait! That didn't sound like the boys or anyone I've ever met. It was a really low voice and kind of scratchy. All they sudden I heard a gun fire and more screaming.

"GIVE ME IT NOW!!" I heard the scratchy voice scream again.
I ran into my room and to Niall who was just putting on sweat pants and a shirt to go see what was happening.

"What the f*ck is happening in there?!" He asked me giving me his hand.

"I don't know, I thought they were having violent sex!" I told him letting out a giggle as he did the same.

"Sounds like Louis to me... " He said in his cute little Irish accent as another gun fired more screaming and yelling.

"Follow me, i'll grab my knife and you grab the boys okay?" Niall told me trying to whisper so the man wouldn't hear.

"Niall, I'm scared and what if someone gets hurt?" I asked as a tear slid down my cheek.

"Love, I promise I wont let anyone or anything hurt you! I love you and if something does happen know I'll always love you no matter what and don't tell anyone this but.... Harry has a crush on you haha" He said as he wiped my tears and gave me a big passionate kiss followed by a big bear hug.

"Love you Nacho" I said laughing but still crying.

"Love you too M&M" Niall said while walking out the door and around the corner without getting seen.

I followed his rules, I sneaked downstairs and while I was tip toeing down them I realized that we were getting in a lot of drama and danger while we have met the boys. It's kind of sad how much stuff we get in every day!

I got to the bottom and looked for Zayn but couldn't find him. There was a note on the counter.

Hey guys, going with Hanna to get some coffee and hang out all day.

Don't be surprised if I'm here tonight here either! ;)

See all you guys later byeeee

-Hazza x

Great! Just great!

I heard more gun shots, but they sounded like they were getting closer. I was panicking.

Where do I go? Tears running down my face I was looking for somewhere to go. They I saw a door! The gun shots and yelling sounded like they were right in front of me.

I bolted for the door, I hopped in and quietly closed the door. I ran down the stairs and ran through the door at the bottom and quietly closed it as well. I looked around and was in Aw. It was like an basement apartment. Who lives own here? I kept walking around and looked in every door but nothing. I saw 1 more door, this had to have something in it! I walked in still crying as foot steps got closer followed by gun fires and yelling.

I wanted to hear what they were saying..

"WHERE IS SHE?!" The man yelled at who I guessed was Kam, Louis and maybe Niall.

"I don't know who your talking about!" Louis told the really fat guy upstairs.

"THE OTHER GIRL! NIALL'S LADY FRIEND!?" The man yelled even louder after another gun shot went off.

"He doesn't have one! The only one taken is Louis! And that's me, I came here cause they helped me when my car broke down that's all!" I heard Kamryn cry, they are protecting me! I love all them so much! But why would they try and save me like that, I can stand up to that guy. I think....

I didn't want to hear anymore, I had to see what was in here.

All the sudden something grabbed me and carried me to the bed, I tried screaming but their hand was over my mouth and they told me to shut up. When I saw their face it was ... Liam!

I tackled him on the bed and started bawling on his grey shirt. He sat up and I was sitting on his knee.

"Did you hear that?!" I whispered tears streaming down my face.

"Yeah, call 118 and i'll guard the door and everything." Liam whispered back giving me a big hug which made me safe, Liam was always my favourite In the band just because he was funny but mature. But I love Niall more haha <3

"O-o-Okay.." I cried pulling out my phone.

"Everything will be alright, okay? and if it doesn't, Harry likes you .... and me a little too... " Liam started blushing, but in a cute way.

"Haha, you were always my favourite. Until I met Niall, then you were my second favourite..." I told him giving him one more hug.

Then I heard someone slam the door to the basement open.

"Help me move the bed to the door!" Liam said as I hopped off his knees and helped him push the cabinet and bed to the door so whoever it was couldn't get in at all. 

Liam stood there making sure that the fat old guy couldn't get passed the door and I pulled out my phone to call 118.

"118 What's your emergency?" The operator asked. 

"There is some big fat guy trying to find me and Liam, he already found Louis, Kamryn an-a-and Niall I think!"
"Would that be Liam Payn, Niall Horan?"


"What's your name and what is Kamry's Surname?"

"I-I-i'm Maddie and K-k-Kamryn"

"What are your Last names?"

"I-I-I... I don't know..."
"Alright mam you're just in shock."


"We are sending Police and Ambulance right now! Stay on the line till they are there m'am"

"Okay, how long will it take???"

"Just 7 minutes don't worry you'll be alright!"

"Where are you?"

"The basement bedroom"
"Is there anyone in the room with you Maddie?"


"Okay m'am the emergency service is just 1 minute away so hide until they get there and stay together"


All I could here was screaming, and gun shots, and crying. What happened up there?

I rushed over to Liam and sat with him.

"Here" I passed the phone to Liam.

*1-2 Minutes Later*

I almost fell asleep in Liam's arms when I heard the sirens !

Then the bedroom windowmashed and a fat guy with a gun jumped through it.

"THERE YOU ARE ... MADDIE!" He yelled with his really scratchy voice.

I heard a gun shot and blacked out.

I heard a couple things still, I heard was Liam telling me i'm gonna be alright and the swat team arrest the fat ugly thing you call a man.

"Maddie I love you, and Niall wouldn't be able to live without you. So please live for us and for Kam. I don't know what anyone would do without you. No one could live without your smile, so live for us... please?" Liam's soft voice was the last thing I heard before I was taken away into complete darkness......



*** A/N***

Hey guys!

Thanks for   A L L   the support it just makes me wanna update more







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