Through the dark

"shut it!" my abusive father yelled at me before kicking me in the ribs, I don't know how much more I can take of this, it's killing me..literally! My arms are decorated by cuts, scars and bruises and my body the same. I have to take a chance I have to run...
But what will happen when the boy i run into has chocolate eyes...


5. standing there.

*Jay's p.o.v* 

I felt a pair of eyes looking down on me. I reluctantly looked up and there he was. It's like he always has a way of finding me. No matter where i am or what situation I'm in. "why did you leave?" he said almost as if he knew the answer. I didn't say anything, just looked at him. 

*Zayn's p.o.v*

Her eyes screamed for help, but her voice did not. I sat next to her and she did nothing. I pulled my knees to my chest so i was matching her. And still nothing. No flinching, shaking, nothing. Her head made its way to my shoulder and she lay it there, not saying a word, not moving. "zayn?!" I heard someone yell. Jay's head shot up and she started to shake. She grabbed onto my hand and started to squeeze tightly. Soon after Paul popped his head round the corner "we have to go" he said. I don't think he saw Jay as she was hiding behind me. I watched him walk away before turning to Jay "shh it's okay, it was only Paul he won't hurt you. Nether will any of the other boys." i said motioning my head the the building. I watched her as she nodded a little before looking down. "do you have a place to stay?" i asked her. She shook her head "no" she whispered. I got up watching her confused look. "come on" i said reaching my hand out for her to take. She was uncertain at first but then she took it. "where are we going?" she asked still confused "home" 

I took her to mine this time. I took her to Liam's before because everyone was there, but now i can see she wants to be alone. 

*jay's p.o.v*

I sat in Zayn's car and took in my surroundings. What am i doing!? Why am I with him!? I let out a frustrated sigh and noticed him look over. Does he really care? probably mindless dreaming. No one as sweet as him would care for a wreck like me! we pulled into a drive way of a different house than I remembered. It must be his house. I stepped out of the car unsure weather I should or not when I saw Zayn smile reassuringly. I followed him inside and let out a small gasp. It was beautiful. Sleek black furniture, massive TV, beautiful kitchen, games room and a marbled bathroom. there was one last place i hadn't yet seen "umm where's the bedroom's?" I asked unsure. "yeah, umm this way" he said embarrassed, rubbing the back of his neck, walking off. I followed a few steps behind and waited for him to open the door. As he opened the door it felt cold but it somehow felt like home. "sorry I didn't get time to clean" I gave him a little smile before walking inside. i watched as he stayed leaning in the doorway watching me. I ran my hand along his collection of CD's looking at each one. I circled the room looking at his possessions. I looked at the messy bed and his bed side cabinet. In the dim light of his lamp I noticed something on his bed side cabinet, a drawing. I walked over to it and picked it up. It was me. I turned around to ask Zayn about it but he was gone. 

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