Through the dark

"shut it!" my abusive father yelled at me before kicking me in the ribs, I don't know how much more I can take of this, it's killing me..literally! My arms are decorated by cuts, scars and bruises and my body the same. I have to take a chance I have to run...
But what will happen when the boy i run into has chocolate eyes...


4. It's a cold night

*Jay's p.o.v*

"do you think shes okay?" an unknown voice spoke "I don't know mate she didn't look too good plus she lost quite a bit of blood" said another, it sounded like the boy from the other night, Zayn was it? I cant remember. "I still don't see why you didn't take her to the hospital" said one more. God how many are there?! "don't get me wrong I want to help her as much as i can i just don't think that she should go there." "what! why?" "it looked like she was running, before she ran into me i heard a lot of shouting and screaming, it might not of been her, but what if it was? Besides when you go to the hospital the first thing the do is inform your family, what if that was what she was running away from." And he was right. Was it really that obvious? I opened my eyes to see 5 pairs looking back at me, I jumped at the sudden amount to eyes looking at me, I don't like it, I started shaking and I didn't know what to do. They must have noticed my reaction and backed away a bit and some of them looked away. I started to get up when felt a hand on my shoulder, I flinched and stood up quickly. I noticed them looking at me weirdly, I searched the room for my bag and grabbed it walking to the door "where are you going?" I heard the guy say from last night, I just turned around to face him not saying anything and smiled a fake smile before walking out the door.

*Zayn's p.o.v*

"what just happened?!" Harry said "did you notice her shaking when she saw us all?" Niall said "and when she flinched and stood up as fast as she could when Liam put his hand on her shoulder." Louis pointed out. I feel sorry for her because obviously something has happened for her to be like this. I only wish i could help her. "she was pretty fit though!" "oh for god sake Harry!" Louis replied making us laugh "lads Simon called we've got an interview at 4" Liam shouted from the other room. I watched as the boys got up to get ready, but I stood there thinking, thinking about where she is, is she alright, does she have a place to stay? "you alright mate?" I turned around to see Liam "huh? yeah, sorry i'll get ready" I said walking past him "you sure you're alright?" I just nodded and went to get ready. It's weird I barely know her, but i want to.

*Jay's p.o.v*

I feel bad for just leaving, not even saying thank you to Zayn. I wandered the streets not knowing where to go when it started raining. What is it with rain in London! I found some shelter outside what looks like a studio, ugh i don't care it's shelter. I sat there and watched as a load of girls started to build up outside the studio, it just kept building up and up until there became like a thousand girls outside, I don't get it what's going on? I watched as a car pulled up and the crowd started screaming, there they were. They waved, gave out hugs and signed a few things. Even after the doors of the studio closed and locked the crowd stayed, I walked round the back to try and get some quiet.  

I sat there with my back against the wall with my mi bag by my foot and look up at the sky, I watched the clouds pass by with no care in the world. I felt the warm tears roll down my cheeks and land on the sleeves of my jacket, people say that a smile can hide everything but so can sleeves.

I sat there for what felt like hours, it's not too bad here. The faint screams of girls started to fade and the sky grew dark, the cold wind blew causing my skin to tingle, I wrapped my knees closer to my chest and shivered. 


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