"Niall there's something you need to know" I whispered into his ear. He turned and looked at me, his blue eyes making contact with mine.
"What is it babe?" He asked, not breaking eye contact
"I'm.... i'm..... I can't do this anymore!" I exclaimed
"What?" He asked, I could already hear the pain in his strained voice. He understood perfectly well, he was almost in tears.
"I'm sorry Niall, but i'm fed up of being hidden. I can't be your little secret anymore. I'm sorry but.... It's over" I replied bluntly, trying to hide any emotions. I heard the sobs escape him as he whispered my name.
'No!' I told myself. It's over. It's for the best.
It has to be right?


2. chapter 2

Roses P.O.V

"Mummy. My teacher wants to talk to you. She said its very impor-import-important" Lily shouted at me as she ran towards me. I sighed and walked towards her classroom. What had she done now? Shouted out in class, not shut up, eat her lunch in class? She was so like her father. Even at 5. I saw her teacher Miss Maggs waiting at the door.

"Ahh miss Fletcher, just the person I wanted to talk to. Would you like to come inside?" She asked with a smile on her face. I nodded and followed her into her classroom. We sat at her desk whilst Lily went to play in the sandbox.

"Why's she in trouble this time?" I asked and her teacher smiled at me.

"Nothing this time, in fact she's being good as gold. No it's a completely different reason that you're here. Next week we are having some visitors at or school. We are selecting one child from each year to meet them and Lily has been selected. Her energy and enthusiasm are something that the school wishes our visitors to be shown. However, due to the popularity of the visitors the meeting will not occur on the school site. This will mean that you will have to accompany Lily on the visit" She replied.

"Who is it?" I asked, I would let Lily meet them anyway but it was more for my benefit.

"One Direction" She replied. No! No, No, No! This couldn't be happening. Not now.

"Okay," I replied and she smiled. She gave me the details and let me and Lily leave.

"Mummy, what's wrong?" Lily asked in the car.

"Nothing sweetie, i'm just really hungry. What do you want for dinner baby?" I replied and she smiled.

"The chicken shop!" She exclaimed. Of course she wanted that. Nandos, or the chicken shop as Lily called it was her favourite restaurant.

"Okay baby" I said and turned the radio on.

'My hands, your hands

tied up like two ships

drifting, weightless

waves try to break it

i'd do anything to save it

why is it so hard to say it'


Of course! Of course it would be them on the radio.

"Mummy. It's One Direction" Lily said happily

"Yes it is" I replied.

"I'm meeting them aren't I mummy?" She asked.

"Maybe" I replied trying my hardest not to look at her, I knew I would get the puppy dog eyes and the dreaded lip pout.

"But mummy, pleeeaassseeee" She said in her sweetest voice.

"Lily" I said sternly

"Mummy pretty please" She asked

"I will think about it!" I replied, getting annoyed now. I heard her huff

"Daddy would let me" She said sulkily.

"Fine you can meet them!" I said, I felt quite upset now. This was the first time Lily had used the dad excuse on me.

"Yay, thank you mummy, I love you" She announced with a smile. This was going to be a long week.

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