A young model was supposed to be in a show that you can have a model for a day. But instead she is bought for....well. Ever.


1. You're kidding me.

I here the music playing. And I get out of bed. Time for work. I say with a smile. Ya. I actually like my job. Well I'm a professional model. And I get paid really well for an eighteen year old. So. No complaints. I put on a white crop top with the Infiniti sign in black on it. And some black skinny jeans. I don't do make up because I really am not allowed to. I straighten my hair (which is dirty blonde and dyed). I dance around my apartment as I make breakfast. I eat that and put on my converse. Ok. Not the shoes you would normally see on a model. I know and I don't care. I grab my iPhone5s and my black purse. I walk out of the house and lock it. I get into my car and blast my music. I finally get there and go into the building. 
"Looking good Ms. Allison." The door man says. 
"Thank you Matt." I say as I press the elevator button. I finally get to the top floor and I see my manager waiting for me. I walk into his office. As soon as I sit down he says. 
"So as you know I've been working with other models for the celebrity auction. You know. The one that is tonight." 
"Yeah. What about it?" I ask. 
"Well you are in it." He says.
"Yeah. I know. Who is coming?" I ask. 
"Well you being in it is kinda pointless." He says. 
"What? Why?" I start to panic. 
"Because you were already pre-bought." He says. And I start to calm down. 
"How?" I ask. 
"Because this group cannot come to the show and would like to buy you. But.." 
"But what?" 
"They are buying you forever." He says. And I stand up. 
"What the heck!" I yell. 
"Ms. As you know. You are my technical daughter because you know. All your family is dead." Yeah. He's gotta point. 
"So. I am not becoming what ever with who ever they are." I say. 
"Well suck it up. Because your moving out to England and continuing there. And I'm pretty sure you know who it is now." My boss says. 
"Yeah. Kind just got it. Whatever. When am I leaving." I ask. 
"Five hours." He answers hands me a plane ticket. "Bye." I walk out the door in disgust. I gotta pack up my bags. I move all my clothes and everything else into every suitcase I possibly own. Once that's done I make my house look nice because its owned my my old modeling agency. Soon it's time for the fight. 
*skip to arrival cause I don't want to write about flight*
I get off the plain and go to get my luggage. Once I have my last case someone says. 
"I think you need help." And I turn around. 
"Not as much as you." I say. It was Louis Tomlinson. One of the five that 'bought' me. 
"Well damn. Feisty." He says. 
"Yeah. Cause I liked it in New York." I snap and he take my bags and I follow him out the airport and he throws the suitcases in the back of the van. 
"Good thing I didn't bring glass." I say and I get in the passenger seat. 
"Oh shut up." He says. I smile. 
"If you send me back." I say. 
"Ha! Not gonna happen." He says. 
"So where is the rest of the cunts." I say as he drives out of the lot. 
"At the flat. Jesus. Don't need to be a bitch." He says. I smile. 
"Yeah I do." I say. Actually. I am really nice. 
"Look. I know your nice and that's why we bought you. Because you didn't have make up on in your profile. Your Instagram wasn't loaded with selfies. And pictures if you with ten pounds of make up on. Your twitter was full of motivation for younger kids. Your-" I cut him off. 
"You guys fucking stalked me." I say. 
"No. We don't call it that. We did our research." He says. I roll my eyes. Research my ass. 
"Call it what you want." I say. And I pull out my head phones and listen to music the rest if the way. The car stops and I get out. I help Louis get my stuff out and wheel it into the house. 
"Where's the others?" I ask. 
"Hunt- I mean out to eat." That's odd. 
"Ok. I'd like to see my room." I say. He gives me the directions to the top floor. I get there an I find out I'm across the hall from Harry. Great. I unpack everything. Then I hear the door open down stairs.

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