A young model was supposed to be in a show that you can have a model for a day. But instead she is bought for....well. Ever.


6. truth is revealed....

Harry looks at me and I feel a little queasy. Honestly. But when I was thinking I realized something strange about these boys. I mean come on. Absolutly nobody can be that perfect looking. And when I asked Louis last night where the boyes were it sounded lie he said hunting. But he caught himself. And I swear there is something wrong with them. Maybe they secretly hunt down animals. I don't know but something is fishy around here and I don't know what.


Back to the story..

So as Olivia and I got downstairs Niall was geting food form a rather excited girl. He signaled Harry to come out with him and the went outside. To take pictures. I hope. As they were doing that Olivia and I started to talk.

"Thanks to those boys I'm out of a job." I say as we sit down.

"You know I run my own business for photography. And I really need a model. Do you think that you could be her?'' She asks.

"Yeah. I could. But I need a agent." I answer.

"I also happen to be a modeling agent." She says.

"You're kiding." I say

"Nope not one bit. I got a signed that job. My photography business is failing. We can't even get seinor pictures." She says.

"That really sucks. I will be your model." I say.

"Yay!" She squeals. "Can you start tomorow?''

"Yeah. One of the boys will have to drive me though."

"I don't care. I have a model!!" She is like bouncing on the couch.

"Hey. Where are the boys right now. It's been like ten minutes." I say.

"Yeah. They haven't come back in yet." She says.

"Ooo maybe the Nando's girl killed them." I say smiling.

"We should go check."

"Nah. I think their just fine." I say and then they come walking threw the door. "See."

"Hello." They say in unison. I run into the kitchen and grab a bag.

"You guys gonna eat?" Olivia asks.

"Nah. We had a-" Niall says but the two start to laugh. "A little picnic with the girl. Had no money to pay her with." Then they both laugh. Olivia and I give them some weird looks and go into the living room to eat. We eat all the food and I say.

"Dude. I feel fat as hell." And they all laugh. "What?''

"You're skinny as hell dude. You are fuckin' perfect." Olivia says.

"So are you." I say. She laughs and We all watch a horror movie. By then It's eleven. I glance at Harry and I know as soon as that clock hits midnight I have to tell him my decision.

"Lets play truth or dare." Olivia sugests.

"Why not? I'll be first. Niall. Truth or dare?" I ask.

"Truth." He says.

"Ok. did you or did you not make out with Olivia when Harry and I left you two alone?'' I ask. Olivia gets wide eyed.

"Is it to late to choose dare?" He asks I laugh.

"Ha ha. Yes. Now fess up." I say.

"Fine. Yes we did." Olivia blushes and Harry and I burst out laughing. The game ends around eleven fifty. I go upstairs and Olivia cuts off at her floor and Harry and I go up one more flight. When we get to our rooms Harry pushes me into my room. And locks the door. Then pins me on the wall.

"I need a answer. NOW." I gulp. He was so cold right now.

"I need the truth. Look I now you're not human and I'm pretty sure that girl WAS your picnic." I say.

"You catch on fast. Look I'm a vampire geinous and I need a answer or you will end up like her. I suggest you think it through and quick." I gulp.

"Yes. I'll be your girl friend." I say and then he pushes me up against the wall so hard I can't breath. And he whispers in my ear suductively(I don't think I spelt that right)

"Good." And them he kisses me and it's one of those hard kisses. And he does this for a while. He pulls away and he has the largest smirk. He walks out of the room. I change and throw myself onto the bed. I guess the truth has beem reveiled. More than I hoped.

Ok guys thanks for reading and stuff. So


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