A young model was supposed to be in a show that you can have a model for a day. But instead she is bought for....well. Ever.


21. The past

And we are back in Alli's Point of View

I look at Sarah. I singnal her to follow me.

"Stay here." I say as Sarah and I walk to the front door.

"Do you know what is happening?" She asks me.

"No. I thought you did." I say.

"Why would we be in our old house?" She asks.

"All the way in New York. This doesn't make any sense. I haven't been here since Mom and Dad died." I say.

"You know I'm not you're actual sister right." She says.

"Yeah I know but that was so long ago. What 2004?" I say.

"No. I left in 2002." Sarah says.

"No. I know that. I mean when my parents died." I say.

"Oh no. That was 2003." Sarah says.

"Ohhh. But wasn't it on my birthday?" I ask.

"Yeahh. I also I left on you're birthday." She says.

"I remeber. I thought that Christmas and my birthday couln't get any worse." I say letting out a huge sigh.

"Hate to interupt the conversation but you guys need to come here." Harry says. We walk over to him.

"What do you need?" Sarah asks Harry.

"Well I think you would like to know that someone is at you're door." Harry says. I walk over to the door. I press my ear to hear if there is anyone knocking. Surely I hear a light tapping. I open the door to see a little girl about the age of eight. Her clothes are very outdated yet seem brand new. But you can never buy them in stores any more. I crouch beside her.

"Hi there little girl what is you're name." I ask.

"Who are you?" She mumbles walking in.

"What do you mean dear?" I ask her.

"Where is Mommy?" She asks.

"I don't know what you mean." I say.

"And Daddy." She says walking around.

"Excuse me?" I ask her.

"Where are they?" She asks and picks up a picture frame and points.

"Mommy, Daddy." She says pointing to the last picture we took together. I pick up the picture and look at me. When I was eight.

"No sweety th-" I start then I look at the little girl and the picture of me.

"Mommy. Daddy." She says.

"What is the day?" I ask her.

"My birthday." She says.

"No sweety the actual day." I ask her.

"Christmas 2003." She says. I close my eyes and I remeber. I was at a friends house for a sleepover. I came home and knocked on the door. A stange lady answered it. She had a girl and two boys in there with her. I open my eyes. I am that strange lady. I am that little girl. I close my eyes and remember what to do.

"Honey go to your room and get a back pack. I will be right there." I say.

"Why?" She asks. "Who are you?" She asks looking me in the eyes. I lock my eyes with her. First time useing this power here we go.

"I am Allison Reed. You're babysitter." I say. We unlock eyes.

"Ok Ms. Reed. I will pack my stuff." She says and walks up to her room. I know she will remeber everything that happened.

"What is going on?" Niall asks.

"That little girl is me." I say.

"That can't be you are from a different time." Harry says.

"It can be. Harry it is Christmas. 2003." I say.

"How else would this house be in such good shape. It would be extreamly dusty." Sarah says. She knew what was happening. She watched it when I was younger.

"You're right." Niall says.

"So what do we do?" Harry asks.

"Well  Alli. You know what to do." Sarah says looking at me. I nod and everyone else does. I walk up the stairs to the pink bedroom with princesses everywhere. Little did I know that I would one day be one.

"Ms. Reed what do I pack?" She asks.

"Take your teddy bear." I say. I walk around the room. God I miss this place. I have to keep myself from crying.

"What about blanky?" She asks. I have a small smile on my face. That was my baby blanket.

"Bring it." I say. I grab another bag knowing that those two idems are all that can fit in the tiny back pack.

"Yay!" She says stuffing the blanket in the bag.

"Pick out your two favorite outfits." I say. The little girl hands me a pink outfit and a pink dress. I put them in the bag grab the other things and hand her the bag. I pick her up and take her downstairs.

"Ok lets go for a ride." I say. I remeber. I never called the cops. So the house sat there. Empty. For years. Harry made a car apear and I put myself (little version) in the back seat. I buckle her in. And close the door. This house was in the middle of nowhere. Come to think of it. We never got mail. And my friend's family never bothered with me really. If I remeber. They all died too. Acording to society. I was the daughter of a teen mom. And my sister who was her friend. Because. Well you will see. I say to Harry and Sarah

"Stay here. Or find out what is happening." They nod and Niall gets in the car. As I drive the little girl fell asleep. I tell Niall

"Ok here is the plan. We are teen parents." I say.

"What? That would mean that I got you pregnant when you were 11." He says.

"We are 25." I say.

"That's better. 17. I can live with that. But we aren't teens anymore." He says. I roll my eyes as I park the car. Niall and I get out and I wake myself up. She jumps out of the car and we walk in. For a moment it feels like we are a family. We are at the modeling agency that I spent ten years of my life at.

"Hello." The recptionest says.
"Hi. We are the Harries Family here for our six am appointment." I say. She checks her book. Niall mentally puts us in.

"Ah. Yes there you guys are. It says that you are speaking with James." She says. Ahh yes James. The man I now hate. Selling me off to vampires. The lady takes us to his office and we walk in. James is a vampire too. I know that because I saw him last night.

"Hello Harries! So lovely to see you in this early moring." He says. He leans down to 8 year old me.

"Can you go over there and color sweety?" He asks and She skips to the table with crayons and paper.

"Prince Princess."

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