A young model was supposed to be in a show that you can have a model for a day. But instead she is bought for....well. Ever.


15. Starting over

Alright loves I am crap at updating. I know. But I have been buzy with applications and such so. We are are in the final strech of Alli Harries becoming a vampire... One week. A lot can go down in one week. Alrighty here we go.

I look over at Niall. He says nothing but has a smile on his face. Harry on the other hand kinda he is ploting the death of all man kind. Yeah um oops. Oh well. Harry was really hit-y I guess and I don't know. I guess that I don't find it to be very attractive. Niall aproched me as someone that I could trust and all.So anyway Harry is now curently death glaring me.... and Louis and...any object in the room. Kinda frighting. Harry had to excuse himself. Niall walks over to me and throws an arm round me.

"Soooooooooooo. What do we do now Lou?" Niall asks Louis.

"Umm well now that she has choosen we can start introducing you to as a couple to the work which actually works out because we have a show.... and it doesn't because Harry sounded like he wasn't planning on living his room any time soon. Alli. You know what to do." Louis says. I throw my head back and sigh out a

"Do I have to."

"Yes Alli. You do." Louis says mimicing my tone.

"Fine. If I'm not back in twenty minutes come upstairs." I say and Niall removes his arm. I slowly walk towards the stairs. I wish I had that really fast moving thingy that the vampires have. But I don't. I make it upstairs and lightly knock on Harry's door.

"Go away." I hear him mumble.

"I am not leaving until we talk." I say my voice alittle shaky. I hear a door unlock and Harry literally pulls me into his room.Violenly might I add.

"You wanna talk lets talk." He says. With that pissed off edge to it.

"Harry. I like you. But not that way. You are probably a really sweet guy but you came of as... how do I put this..." I say and Harry answers it for me.

"The offspring of satan?" He said with a light laugh.

"Well.. yeah. But if you said that you must agree with me." I mumble the last three words.

"I do. And if I could take it back I would. I appologise can we just start over? As friends?" He asks.

"That would be lovely." I say with a smile and I hug him and we walk downstairs.

*Louis birthday. AKA the day before she changes*

I run down the stairs with Niall right behind me. Harry and Niall agreed to switch rooms. I was running around the house in my Superman tank top and gray sweatpants singing Selena Gomez..

"TELL 'EM THAT IT'S LOU'S BIRTHDAY! TELL 'EM THAT IT'S HIS BIRTHDAY WHEN WE PARTY LIKE THAT!!!!" Over and over and over. Eventually they all got annoyed with me and made me stop. I obviously had very little sleep that night and they agreed that I could go see Olivia with Niall. So naturally I was excited. And trust me.... This day will go down in History.

Alright oranges there is your update. I would like to say. Some reactions were good and some were bad but my favorite was Marcel_babe023. Now I will need a role for Harry's Girlfriend if you would like to apply please comment your


Eye color:

Hair color, length and style:

Height comared to Harry:

Favorite color:

Why I should pick you and anything interesting about you:

Thanks loves. I will update as soon as possible!

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