A young model was supposed to be in a show that you can have a model for a day. But instead she is bought for....well. Ever.


2. Making sure they got their money's worth

I decide to stay in my room. Noting bad can happen in here. La la la. I'm bored. Then I here footsteps coming up the stairs and my door opens. I shoot my head in that direction. It's Louis. Again. 
"Hi." He says. 
"Bye." I say turning my head back to the wall. 
"Come on. I bet I'm more interesting than the wall." He states. 
"That's a good lookin' wall." I say. 
"Look. The boys want to meet you. And I'm bringing you down one way or another." (Lol see what I did there)
"No." I say. 
"Fine." He says with a sigh and he comes over to my bed and throws me over the shoulder. I naturally kick and pinch but he has a tight grip. We finally get downstairs and he drops me. And the cross my legs and sit on the floor. Looking at the floor. 
"Uh. Babe. We're up here." I hear someone say napping their finger. I think it was Niall. 
"That's a mighty attractive floor there." I say. And the all laugh. 
"Come on. I bet I'm more attractive." Another one says. That one was Harry. 
"Oh really?" I question still staring at the floor. 
"Yeah." He says. I slowly lift my head up. 
"So?" He questions. 
"Nope. Floors hotter." I say. And I look at the floor again. 
"Alright that's it." Zayn says and he literally pulls me up off the grown carries me to the couch and sits me down on it. I look forward. 
"Hi." I mumble. 
"Hello love." Liam says cheerfully. "How you doing you want any food?" He ask. 
"Can I have a fork to stab myself with." I say. 
"Haha no silly." Zayn says boopping my nose. I slap his hand. And everyone laughs. 
"Look. Is it not clear that I don't like you boys? So send me back. Please. Please." I say. 
"Nope." Niall says. 
"Not gonna happen." Harry  says. 
"Your ours now." Louis says. Dear God. Help me. I pull my knees up up my chest and just stay that way. 
"Can you please stand up love?"
Liam asked. I nod and I stand up. And all the boys inspect me. Literally. Their eyes travel up and down my body as they walk around in circles. 
"What are you doing?" I question as I'm still standing there. 
"Making sure we got our money's worth." Zayn says. 
"It appears we did. You can sit down now." Louis says. I walk back over and go into the position I was already in. 
"Please don't hate us." Niall said. 
"Kinda hard to." I say 
"Just try." Louis said. I roll my eyes and start walking up stairs but I was pull down the stairs by someone. 
"Not so fast. It's dinner time." They say and put out food and I eat it. Then I run upstairs. Why the hell does my door not have a lock? That's just stupid.

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