A young model was supposed to be in a show that you can have a model for a day. But instead she is bought for....well. Ever.


13. Fell for...

Here is the Harry chapter

The mysterious owner of the arms turn me around and I see Harry.

"Hey there." He says.

"Uck. I look horid right now." I say.

"I don't care." He says. I roll my eyes and enter the kichen.

"So where are the other dirtbags?" I ask.

"They are out." He says.

"Let me guess. Their hunting." I say.

"Ding ding ding." He says. I roll my eyes and make some cereal for myself.

"So why are you not out hunting?" I ask taking a spoon out of the drawer. I sit down and he says.

"I did it last night. If you are that curious." He says and leans across the counter, watching me eat. It was getting pretty akward now.

"So what time do we leave?" I ask.

"When the sun comes down." He says. It was like Noon. I slept pretty late today. But that was not unusual.

"Ok." I say and I pull the hair band off of my wrist. I pull my hair up into a bun and finish my cereal. I wash out the bowl and go sit in the living room. I turn on the tv and watch it till like four. And the sun goes down at six so I go upstairs and shower. I walk out of the shower and put on a black lace crop top. I put on a pair of white ripped skinny jeans. I shake out my wet hair and run my fingers threw it. I take my hair brush and go threw it. I take out a hair dryer and guess what? Dry my hair to the point that it is damp. Then I put my hair in a fish tail down the side. I put on a pair black converse all stars. By now the sun is down. I run down the stairs. And meet up with Harry at the door. He hands me a white jean jacket and we go out to his car. We get in and he turns on the radio. As he drives I scan threw the channels and I stop on Royals by Lorde. I start to sing along and Harry laughs alittle and we pull into a club. I smile and walk in. We go straight to the VIP area. I go to the bar and eat some food and then Harry hands me a shot. I take it and I feel the burning in my throat and soon it goes. Harry pulls me on to the dance floor and Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo comes on and out of instinct I start to grind on Harry. After the song he takes me near the bathrooms and I say

"I said no sex."

"I know." He says and he starts to kiss me, I kiss back and he liks the bottom of my lips for enterance. I let him in and he explores my mouth and starts to grind his hips into mine. When we pull away he takes me back to the dance floor and Little Things by his band comes on and I put my arms around his neck and he puts his on my hips. As we sway to the music I place my head on his chest and he puts his chin on my head. I think I just fell for both boys.

Okay guys I hope you liked the chapter. Remember to tell me what team you're on and fan me, and like the book. Bye loves

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