A young model was supposed to be in a show that you can have a model for a day. But instead she is bought for....well. Ever.


7. ....already.....

I open my eyes. It's eleven in the morning. I roll over and I jump alittle. Harry was sitting on a chair. Staring at me.

"Good morning." He says with a smile.

"Hello?" I mumble.

"How was your sleep?" He asks.

"Good. Yours?"

"Ha ha. You're joking right?" I shake my head though I'm not so sure how it worked out concidering I am still laying in bed. "It was a total of one hour because that's all I can do. No more. No less."

"Wow. Ok. I was under the impression that you didn't sleep you know the twilight books..."

"No. That's a sterotype." He says.

"Ok so ou burn to death in the sun." He shakes his head lightly laughing. "Ok you sparkle in the sun." Another no. "You need sun block with 1000 spf to go in the sun."

"No. Our skin is the same as yours. We just don't age. And well we can eat your food but we prefer blood. We do not have those dumb fangs you think we do. Umm.. we are all one clan. I am 100 plus years old. I kinda lost track after 80. Soo yeah." He explains.

"What do you mean we. Oh don't tell me you're all like that." I say sitting up.

"Umm. we kinda are." He mumbles.

"Ohhh. No no no no NO. This is not happening. I am not in a house full of- OLIVIA!" I jump out of bed and run down stairs I see her sitting alone eating food.

"You need to get out of this house. And get out now." I say to her.

"But I just got food and we still need to catch up." She says. I already got her bag she was standing up and holding it.

"I will see you at your company tomorrow. We can meet up there and go out for dinner and a movie after. Sound good?" I ask. I already had her out the door on the steps.

"Ok but-" I cut her off.

"See you tomorrow. Bye!" I close the door and put my back on it. Harry come up to me from nowhere.

"You little- you saw threw my plan." He says threw his teeth.

"What that you were gonna eat her? Yeah no way." I say walking off the door but he pins me down on it. Great.

"Look. Niall was falling in love with her and he can't date a human. None of us can." He says.

"Oh really? What about Dani-" He cuts me off

"Been together for centuries." He says.

"I thought you were only a century old." I say.

"Yeah. I am. I am the youngest right now. The others are thousands of years old. And Louis is the oldest at 5,000. Got it. He is actually married to her. I'm not saying I like her but they are. Zayn is as the whole world knows Engaged to Perrie another vampire." He explains. "That explain it?" He asks.

"Yeah thank you." I say and I get out of his grasp. Thank God. I storm up to my room Harry was there before me. With some clothes in his hand.

"Here." He says and he speeds out of the room. I close the door and put on the clothes quickly. Which was good because he came in like two minutes later.

"You like what I picked out for you?" He asks. I didn't really see it. I was in a black crop top from Hollister. The shirt had like a white bird thing on it. I can't explain it. And a pair of white ripped skinny jeans. I have to admit. I liked it.

"It's cool." I say. I crimp my hair and I was about to do my make up when Harry took the brush out of my hand.

"I don't want you in make up today." I nod and I but on a pair of converse.

"Harry you said that you guys can't date a human right?" I ask.

"Right. What about it?" He says.

"What about me?" I don't know why he would be going out with me. I'm human. I think unless. No It can't be. My mom told me I was special. But I was very little. I remember hearing her crazy stories that I would one day rule a kingdom and live for ever with my true love. But. She was on her death bed. She could have just been going crazy right? An I can't confirm because my dad's dead. They were both only children and their parents are dead. So I am alone but- Harry speaks in the middle of my tought keep in mind that I was thinking really fast.

"You already are." And he smiles.


Hope you all like the book.






Please. I'll love you forever. I think you should tell your friends to read this. Btw. Nice cliff hanger I know. Thanks loves. I will update tomorrow.

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