Friend Zoned 2

Liam and Kylie are best friends in college together. When Liam decides to join the football team, a new girl catches his eye. Victoria - the tall brunette with green eyes and is also on the cheerleading team as head captain. As their friendship begins to fall apart, will Kylie do anything to fix their friendship or will she move to California to let Liam see what he's leaving behind?


8. Future Plans

"How's that California life treating you?" Michaela asked Kylie. We were all on our way over to a restaurant for dinner. "It's pretty great." Kylie smiled. "I'm just thankful for Louis and Harry being up at the college."

"You saw Harry and Louis?" Niall asked. He sounded really disappointed because he missed on on seeing the guys. "They're meeting us here." I told him. His eyes suddenly lit up like a child on Christmas day. "Oh and Zayn's joining us too." Kylie added.

"Who are you guys talking about?" Kim asked.

"They're our friends from high school." Kylie said. "I'd stay away from Harry if I were you. He's a bit of a flirt."

"A bit?" I asked her. Kylie rolled her eyes and corrected herself by saying that Harry was a womanizer. Michaela nodded in agreement while Niall sat anxiously in his chair wondering when we were going to begin eating. "Everyone else are great people." Kylie said.

"Zayn's a jock and so is Louis, but they play different sports. Liam and Niall are definitely the good ones." Michaela said.

"Yeah, but Liam's now a football player." Julian said. "It's safe to say that Liam's a jock too." As soon as the words left his mouth, the three guys we were talking about had entered the restaurant and joined us at the table. "Dani!" Kylie beamed, standing up from her seat to greet her best friend.

"Kylie!" Dani hugged Kylie. "I missed you. Life is definitely not the same without you, or school is at least." Once we were settled, we ordered our food and began eating. Niall was surely happy about that. "Erin didn't come along?" Niall asked.

"She's in the Bahamas." Dani replied. Niall still had a slight crush on Erin, which we found out later as the night went on. We also learned that Louis was dating Erin, leaving Niall disappointed but was glad to finally be able to move onto a different girl, Michaela.

Zayn was now the single one, but of course, he didn't mind. "You know, there is a girl for you Zayn." Michaela smiled. I remember that it was just a year ago that Michaela had a crush on Zayn, but now they were just good friends. Zayn didn't want to go for a girl his best friend was dating. "I'm not looking right now." Zayn said.

"No, Michaela's right. There is and you'll like her." I smiled. Of course everyone but the four of them knew who we were talking about. "Who?" Louis asked. None of us said her name, but we were all thinking about the same person. Victoria.

The next day, the guys and I were brought to the mall by the girls. We let the girls bond while the guys and I just waited at the food court for them. I had just finished speaking to Victoria who was on her way to the mall with her sister.

Victoria arrived at the mall and I greeted her with a hug. "Victoria, I'd like you to meet one of my best friends, Zayn." I introduced the two of them. Zayn stood up from his seat and held out his hand towards her direction. "You have a beautiful name." Zayn smiled as Victoria blushed.

"Thanks. This is my younger sister Chloe." Victoria introduced Chloe to Zayn. He shook hands with Chloe as well. The three of them walked away to bond. "Who knew Zayn would find a girl who was in his league." Harry said.

"Yeah, says the guy who finally found a girlfriend." Louis joked. Harry didn't say anything else after that, keeping his mouth shut. The girls finally came back from their shopping adventures and sat down at our table. "Where's Zayn?" Michaela asked.

"With Victoria I'm guessing." Kim said.

"Just leave him. He's bonding." Louis said.

"It looks to me like he's having a great time." Dani said, gesturing towards the direction where Zayn had sat down at a table with Victoria and Chloe. "Maybe their sisters can bond too." Kylie added.

"I gotta ask, why do you girls have to go shopping?" Harry asked. The girls looked at each other and didn't say a word, leaving him to guess what their answer was going to be. Harry looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders. I was best friends with Kylie, but I never really questioned her shopping.

"Just think of it as a past time, like the way you 'men' play video games." Kylie finally spoke up for the rest of the girls. We found that as an offense, but none of us bothered to speak up about it. "So are you staying in California for good?" Dani asked Kylie.

"Yeah, I might as well. I mean, it's just to get a degree. Liam and I also talked about who's going where for breaks. We planned this whole thing out." Kylie answered.

"So you two are going to work with the whole long-distance ordeal?" Kim asked. Kylie and I knew questions were going to be asked because we were going to school in different states, but we were going to work things out. No matter what the distance was, we were always going to find away back to each other.

Later that evening, Kylie and I were talking in my room. My parents had all ready gone to bed, so the entire house was quiet. "Spending the entire summer together and then waiting until winter break is going to be difficult." Kylie said, looking down at her hands.

"I know, but we'll always find ways to communicate with each other." I told her.

"What if you... what if you find a different girl?" she asked, looking up at me with her beautiful hazel eyes. I shook my head at her, then reached up as I caressed her cheek. "No one is going to replace you Kylie. No other girl on earth has a hold on my heart like you." I replied.

"When I leave for the fall semester-" I leaned in and kissed her lips, interrupting her. I pulled away from the kiss, looking into her eyes. "We'll see what the future holds Kylie, but most importantly, I want you to be in it."

Kylie smiled as she leaned in and kissed my lips. "I love you Liam. I want to be in your future too."

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