This Too Shall Pass

This poem is really about falling onto hard times, picking yourself up, and moving on, remembering this too shall pass.


1. This Too Shall Pass

Just as the waves whip the shores

Burying stones, forgetting pasts,

lost, all in the throes of time.

This Too Shall Pass.


Just as the desert is swallowed by the sea

and the island with it, forever lost,

lost, all in the throes of time,

This Too Shall Pass


Just as the tyranny of a king,

and the freedom of his people,

lost, all in the throes of time,

This Too Shall Pass


Time is not a constant, the wheels forever turn,

and though you may face hardship,

and loose all that you earn,

enjoy or endure the present,

for it shall not forever last,

and rest or rise in anticipation,

For This Too Shall Pass.

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