Is Change always good

Pandora is new to Texas, and hasn't got enough money to by a house she then finds an offer on posters outside the Airport she decides to move in but was that a good on to see who she moves in with and why it it's a good idea!!


1. New house,New Town and New everything

Pandora stepped out of her white fiet as she looked up at the house that looked more like a mansion from where she lived. She had moved here from Manchester after getting a scholarship half way across the ocean. she was nervous at first but now she was quite excited to start in a new area in a new college with new friends. She hadn't texted or seen her mum since the day she left which was last night. She finally grabbed her penny board and suitcase out of the boot and headed over to the door she stopped and knocked on the door as she hadn't been given a key get. The door bursted open and a boy with green eyes and brown hair popped out.

"Hi I'm Jc, are you the girl that's moving in, what's your name again sorry I forget names so easily"...

"Yeah I'm moving in and I'm pandora" I said as I moved my head a bit to look inside

He must of seen because he moved to the side and moved his hands to point to the stairs "this house is full of 5 boys sorry that it didn't say that on the poster we thought it would be more of a mystery"

"Yeah A very useful one"

Jc smirked "well your room is next to Connors and Sam's so just go up the stairs and to the left"

I nodded and headed up the spiral wooden stairs. I turned to the left like he said and opened the middle door, lucky it was empty so it was mine. I took plenty of time setting my bed up putting my clothes away and making it look more me. When I was finally done unpacking I heard a knock on the door I opened it it was Jc "Hey I don't know if your still packing but the boys have just come back and there downstairs so when your ready you can come down and met them" Jc said

I nodded "Sure ill come down now"

Jc lead me down the stairs and in the living room were 4 tall boys they looked about the same age as me. They all smiled when they saw me like I was the prettiest person on the planet when we finally got to the end of the stairs this boy with a blindfish quiff and a slight stutter came up to me and hugged me so tight that I'm pretty sure I stopped breathing.

"Hey I'm Ricky, but some people call me Ricky Minaj because I am the TWERK QUEEN!" He basically shouted

I laughed then another boy came up to me a boy a lot smaller than Ricky and said "Hizo! I'm Connor, but you can call me Connor"

I laughed "okay I'm pandora"

He smiled then another boy walked over how many people are in this house I thought before the boy introduced himself his name was Kian then the 100th boy came up to me he looked a lot younger thank Jc,Connor,Kian and Ricky his name was Sam he was quite nice after they all introduced themselves I asked them "how old are you guys?"

Kian said he was 19, Connor is 20, Ricky is 21 and Jc is 21 then they asked me how old I was I said 17 and they all looked at me like I was being serious I laughed "I'm not actually being serious I'm 19"

after we talked we ordered in and out I told them it was my favourite take out and they all looked and one and another It was quite embarrassing then they all said "your like a girl version of all of us" I smiled I'd never really fitted in with any Boys back in England. Finally Kian said "expect from your cute English accent you make us sound so slang"

I laughed again "well shall I talk in a Australian accent then? is that better" I said in a Australian accent. When we finished our food I decided to go upstairs to get some sleep I was really nervous about going to a new country and stay with people I don't know but I was like I've know the boys for years


Please be nice and comment if you like it and you want me to continue I spent quite I long time writing this story so please don't be ghost readers I don't care what kind of feedback it is as long as it's not HATE!!!

Thanks for reading chapter 1!

-MYA! Xx

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