I Know You but You Don't Know Me

Belle Washburn is teen desperate for something to happen to her. Harry Styles is a popstar teen waiting to go under the radar. When they meet they both get what they want.


1. Another Boring Day

Belle's POV

I sat there bored as ever. The last day of my senior year and it passed slower than a turtle with sticky shoes on. The clock couldn't go any slower or time would stop itself. I would look at the clock and turn away for what felt like an eternity but turned to see that a minute went by. The last day was a half day so I really wanted to get out so I could go to the Door Stop Dinner for my favorite lunch. I get four chicken tenders with their famous fries and a salad. It doesn't sound like a lot but it was my favorite meal. 

I continued to stare at the clock in Mr. Stewart's science class. Apparently he doesn't know when the last day of school was because he was teaching us the lesson we were suppose to learn last week. We didn't have school because of a major water main break in the main and a few minor hallways and a couple offices. I was so glad school was closed the second to last week of my senior year. After 13 years of practical torture from that school, I would finally be free from it. 

But I was still sitting in my last class learning about the periodic table for the millionth time of my life. Every element he went over the more bored I got. Apparently I showed it.

"Miss Belle? Am I boring you in anyway going over the periodic table before you have a nice summer off? That must be nice but still have to work for an extra week because of that water pipe. I told Konyk to get it replaced but he rather spend it on new uniforms for the football team although they got new ones last year. Ugh... Never mind just pay attention!"

"Yes Mr. Stewart."

I wanted to say more but my eyes had just caught something very important. It gave me the best feeling I had ever felt. It gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling of joy! It wasn't my boyfriend, or the sunshine coming in through the windows, or the heat. No there was five minutes left of school.

Five more minutes until freedom. Five more minutes until party all night sleep all day time. Five more minutes until the life I've been waiting to live. I had a full scholarship to Pittsburgh University and a good paying job at the local post office as the assistant manager. My life was planned out for the most part. 

"Alright students you can have the last five minutes to yourself since the only one paying attention is Belle. Just don't trash my room, I finally had the janitors clean it!"

This is what I have been dreaming of for the past year and a half. I instantly ran over to my best friends Lydia and Mackenzie to see what they would do for the rest of the day. Maybe they could join me for the day. It wasn't that well planned out. I found them at window ledge staring outside. If they starred at the sun anymore their eyeballs would melt.

"If you keep starring at the sun, you'll ruin your eyesight. Just ask my mom!"

I don't know if they didn't hear me but it took them a few seconds to respond. Instead of ruining their eyesight they were ruining their brains. Finally looked over said hello. Mackenzie caught the idea and said hello, too.

"So you guys excited that we're graduating at last?! Lydia, Mackenzie, are you even listening to me?! God, I'm the only one excited in this entire school!"

"Sorry Belle, me and Lyd were just so happy that we kind of snapped out of it."

"Yea? Or did the sun fry your brains?"

Lydia being the funny one, "No it's all this learning crap on the last day of school!" She hunches her back and slides on Mackenzie's glasses and acts like Mr. Stewart. "Now class we have a test... Mason shut up and turn around in your seat! Now where were we... Mason I told you to sit down! The test is Wednesday on the last lesson about... , Mason!" 

If you only knew how accurate that was. Mr. Stewart never got ten seconds into speaking with yelling at someone, especially poor Mason. The thing is he never did get out of his seat or talk out. He was just a target. Mason was a pretty good student getting Bs and occasionally As. I tutored him after school on Tuesdays.

"So you guys doing anything today?"

Lydia and Mackenzie looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders, "Well maybe we'll head to the park or pool or something like that."

"Think we could hang out? I'm heading to the Door Stop then the pool. I got my swimming stuff in my locker."

"That's cool. Let's do that instead."

We continued to talk when we heard a glorious sound. It was the final bell of the year. My heart stopped for a few seconds until I realized: I was finally free! I ran out of there and headed straight to the Door Stop with my best friends. This would be the best summer ever!


Harry's POV

Another boring day in the recording studio. It was the same deal like every other day. Niall wears his boxers and everyone stares at each other while one of the boys is recording.  Louis fell asleep in Liam's arms, again. I thought I was going to do the same but kept awake long enough to record Little White Lies. Eventually we made it back to our hotel to another sleepless night.

I never sleep anymore and I don't know why. Am I missing something in my life? Or someone in my life? I can't bring my mother on the tour and I doubt she would like it. Sleeping with five boys who all share the same bathroom. It gets bad. Maybe I could find a special someone?

No I would never find the time for her with being famous and all. The hole makes my life feel empty and dark. Thankfully I'm the greatest actor and liar when its time to go on camera or on stage. I don't feel like being funny or happy but I deal with it. Zayn asked if I was okay today and of course I said yes but he saw right through me.

"I know you're sad but I don't why. Come on, just finally tell me!"

I couldn't keep it in longer and just blurted out, "I need a break!"

I know that was a lie but I couldn't explain I needed someone when he has someone, Perrie. Someday I will do something, but I don't what. 

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