Vampire Beginnings ~ The Danican Chronicles

This story is based on two of my beloved characters I created years ago.
André and Ines Danican; two people who love eachother very much, and go through difficult times together.
When André Johnson is turned vampire, he must drink the blood of a random human, in order to complete the transition. The human is then called The First Blood, but the vampire must kill the human. When André doesn't do this and his First Blood suddenly disappears, he's in trouble.
Now he and his maker Ines and her maker Arvid along with the oldest vampire of Moonlight City, they must find The First Blood.
Because when an old enemy returns, the fear of never finding The First Blood is there. And if she's turned vampire, everything will change.


6. Chapter 6 - The Attack




Ines is in her room. She won’t let me in. ‘’Ines,’’ I say knocking on the door. ‘’It’s André.’’ I haven’t forgotten her. I won’t forget about her, I know it. And just because I forgot her name one time, isn’t because Elizabeth is a vampire, right? I mean maybe it’s just something that happened because I was newborn. A few weeks have past now and our tracker Else-Beth of Moonlight City hasn’t come across anything. We know now, that it’s Charles Lawrence who’s got Elizabeth. He’ll use her against us, and maybe turn her into a vampire. That’s what we fear now, even though Else-Beth is sure that it’s already happened.

He’s got his own trackers everywhere, and apparently he’s not fond of vampires. He despises them, hates them. They were the one to summon him, and then send him back. But that was a long time ago, though he’s still mad. I don’t know if I can understand him… We were attacked by his trackers, so I don’t feel sorry for him. And if he’s The Great Vampire, then he might be able to kill Arvid, which I would appreciate. Then we could live in piece, Ines and I, after we’ve taken out Charles of course. Now that Arvid has that diamond, we might be able to send The Great Vampire back to where he came from, forever. Maybe Arvid hasn’t thought of that.  

Suddenly Arvid appears in the hallway of the castle. Beside of him, two vampires appear. They are the soldiers he’s been talking about. They’re recruiting them ever third day, and they are all very different. They come from all corners of the world, and they’re old friends of Arvid. ‘’In this hallway, my daughter lives,’’ he says. They have been informed of our situation, and they are here to help. ‘’And her son.’’

They’ve been told that Ines’ child didn’t do his job with the First Blood, and now Charles Lawrence of Eastern Bellpond has her. And we’re sure of that, actually. The thing we don’t know is how Charles came back. Arvid and Else-Beth have said, that’s he’s gone by many names, but Charles is the latest.  I smile and greet the new soldiers. Their job is to protect the castle, and track down Charles. We don’t know of his location, but we can get closer by catching his trackers. It’s weird, that Arvid is the one showing the two new soldiers around, I think.

The two new soldiers’ names are Victoria and Henry. They are friendly vampires, which is odd considering their age. Henry is 500 years old and Victoria is 300 years old. She’s got long blond hair, and has blue eyes. She’s wearing a green dress that matches her pretty eyes. Henry’s got black short hair, and he’s a rich vampire I can tell. We’re all kind of rich, but Henry is very rich. Why he wanted to work as a soldier and not a commander is still a riddle.

I give up on getting Ines to go out of her room. Arvid forces the door open, and I hear her yelling at him. ‘’Why this behaviour?’’ Arvid yells to Ines and I hear a vase being smashed. I think this is the signal for me to leave.


I come outside and see the moon. It’s glowing and smiling. ‘’It’s beautiful, isn’t it?’’ Else-Beth says. She’s standing in a black dress making her almost invisible in this hour. I nod and look at her. ‘’Now turn eyes from moon and look upon ground,’’ she says with a more serious tone. I do as told and notice blood on the ground. ‘’The blood of Elizabeth, your first blood.’’ She says while I’m looking at the blood. It surprises me, that I haven’t smelled it before she said it. It’s dried out. I feel something different when I look at it. It’s almost as if it shows me something and Else-Beth notices it. ‘’You can feel something, right?’’ She asks and I nod again. I try to focus more on the blood.

‘’Where is she?’’ Else-Beth asks and I try to find out. Suddenly images flashes through my mind. They are blurry and they disappear fast. ‘’I can’t really see,’’ I say. Suddenly I see Elizabeth in what looks to be a dark cellar. The blurriness disappears and suddenly it’s confirmed. ‘’I see Elizabeth.’’ I add. She’s feeding off a human. Her fangs are showing and her eyes are glowing red. ‘’Where is she?’’ Else-Beth asks again. ‘’I don’t know,’’ I say. ‘’But she’s feeding off something.’’ Else-Beth smiles, but it disappears again quickly. She was right and now she’s proud of herself. I still can’t believe it. This will mean I’ll forget… uhm… INES… wow. Maybe this is happening faster than I thought. Every time I picture her, I don’t get her name in my head. I just… I see her, but then she vanishes.

The image of Elizabeth vanishes and I lose focus. Else-Beth reminds me to stay focused. Suddenly more images appear. The newborn vampire feeding, again.  There’s someone looking at her. But I can’t see who it is, because in the images I’m the one looking at her, as if I was seeing her from someone’s perspective. ‘’I’m looking at her,’’ I say. ‘’Like I was in the room with her.’’ I add and Else-Beth looks surprised. ‘’But…’’ she says. ‘’That’s impossible. ‘’You should be seeing things from her perspective.’’ Else-Beth says loud and clear. She’s worried about this, and then she points to the blood and says: ‘’that’s not the blood of Elizabeth.’’ But then how could I get these images? Else-Beth’s probably thinking the same thing.

Suddenly the images change and the vibrations I get are different. ‘’The blood is mixed,’’ Else-Beth says. ‘’They smell different.’’ She adds while smelling the blood. Suddenly I see something from someone else’s perspective. I see Arvid’s castle; our castle. Why? I focus on the person who’s looking at the castle. Suddenly he or she moves very fast towards the castle and then fangs come out. I can feel it. I feel my own mouth saying the words coming from the person, who I am in the images. ‘’Let me pass.’’ I say and in the images it’s a sweet woman’s voice. Suddenly I realise what’s going on. ‘’She’s here!’’ I say loud, and lose focus. ‘’Who?’’ Else-Beth asks. ‘’Who do you think?’’ I say and suddenly we hear an explosion. ‘’Quickly, focus on the blood!’’ Else-Beth says. I do what I’m told and more images appear. ‘’ARVID!’’ Else-Beth shouts as she looks at me. I see two guards of the gates to the castle being blown to bits by some weird ball of light. ‘’She just killed the guards!’’ I say with my eyes closed.

Elizabeth is speeding through the gates to the castle. She quickly spots another guard, but blows him to bits faster than he spots her. ‘’What are we going to do?’’ I ask Else-Beth. ‘’She seems to have some kind of powers.’’ I say. ‘’Shit.’’ Else-Beth says. ‘’Charles has given them to her.’’ She also says and look around. Wow, Charles does know how to set up an attack, and especially to do it while we least expect it. I suddenly get more images. Elizabeth is searching for something. She’s angry, driven by fear it seems. But she’s driven by a reward she’ll receive if the task is complete. I suddenly think of Ines. Where is she now?

Elizabeth is smashing things. Where is the damn thing? She breaks stuff and turns over tables and chairs. Then she hears a voice in her head telling her about the basement. Then someone unknown to her comes along. It’s not guards but just regular vampires. ‘’Soldiers!’’ I say. Else-Beth lifts an eyebrow. ‘’The soldiers might take her out.’’ I add.

The voice in her head quickly fills her with energy somehow. The unknown vampires stop what they’re doing. Elizabeth throws another ball of light at them, but it doesn’t do much. Suddenly they turn around and the newborn smiles.

‘’She’s done something to them,’’ I say and then rethink the situation. Why the hell aren’t we doing anything? ‘’They don’t move.’’ I add. ‘’We must do something now.’’ Else-Beth says and I smile. That’s right. I focus on the blood one last time. Elizabeth gets another message in her head. The cellar… the cellar. Quickly. I try and remember where the cellar is in this castle. Else-Beth’s gone. She’s probably looking for Arvid. I want to find Ines, but I must do something about Elizabeth first. Maybe I can stop her. I run very fast through the halls of the castle. I find many dead vampires who slowly disappear, one by one.

I find broken vases, chairs, tables, paintings and a lot of other stuff on my way to the cellar. Suddenly I arrive. I hear a voice speaking. It’s soft and sweet. It’s Elizabeth. I was a bit afraid of her. She’d been given some kind of powers. ‘’Finally.’’ I hear her say. The door’s broken so I just walk down the stairs. I enter a little room with another broken door. I can see Elizabeth and I suddenly see her turn around. She’s got  the diamond in her hand. It’s glowing. ‘’You,’’ she says and looks at me. I feel her fear, her furiousness. She’s so angry with me. Her eyes turn red fast, and her fangs come out. ‘’I should rip out your heart from your chest.’’ She says with a threatening voice. ‘’Not before I tear out yours first.’’ I say with a little sarcasm. I fear what’s coming when I attack her, but Arvid and Else-Beth will come to my rescue soon. I quickly make an attempt to attack my first blood, but somehow I can’t enter… ‘’What’s going on?’’ I shout. Elizabeth looks just as surprised as I do. ‘’So,’’ she says. ‘’I guess this is karma, right?’’ Elizabeth says with a smile on her face. I hiss at her. ‘’Put the diamond down!’’ I yell only to see her childish smile grow bigger. She shakes her head and suddenly starts glowing. A shiny light appears around her and it grows bigger and bigger.

I cover my eyes, but after a few seconds the light has gone. And so has Elizabeth.

Suddenly Ines appears. ‘’What happened?’’ She asks and looks at me. I turn around to face her. Suddenly I feel very heavy. ‘’She… took the diamond.’’ I say and faint. Darkness takes over and I know, that it’s not because I’m going to sleep, because the night is still young. 

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