Vampire Beginnings ~ The Danican Chronicles

This story is based on two of my beloved characters I created years ago.
André and Ines Danican; two people who love eachother very much, and go through difficult times together.
When André Johnson is turned vampire, he must drink the blood of a random human, in order to complete the transition. The human is then called The First Blood, but the vampire must kill the human. When André doesn't do this and his First Blood suddenly disappears, he's in trouble.
Now he and his maker Ines and her maker Arvid along with the oldest vampire of Moonlight City, they must find The First Blood.
Because when an old enemy returns, the fear of never finding The First Blood is there. And if she's turned vampire, everything will change.


5. Chapter 5 - Revelation




Ines enters the castle along with Lady Else-Beth. I kiss Ines and bow down for Else-Beth. She smiles. ‘’Get up,’’ she then says. ‘’We didn’t find the girl, but we found her blood outside of the castle.’’ Else-Beth greets Arvid and I stand with Ines. ‘’Did you look through the things in the box?’’ Ines asks me. ‘’Yes,’’ I say and continue: ‘’there was a letter from someone named Charles Lawrence.’’ Suddenly Else-Beth turns around looking at me. ‘’What did you just say?’’ She asks me. ‘’I said, that Elizabeth had a letter from someone named Charles Lawrence.’’ Else-Beth looks worried. ‘’Charles Lawrence of Eastern Bellpond.’’ Else-Beth says. I nod and look at her. ‘’Why is that so…’’ Else-Beth raises a finger at me. That means shut up. Arvid’s face tells me he knows the man too. ‘’Are you thinking the same thing as me?’’ He says to Else-Beth and she nods without looking at him. ‘’Who is that man?’’ Ines asks. ‘’Shh child,’’ Else-Beth says. ‘’We’re in deep shit now.’’ She adds and walks out of the castle. ‘’Arvid?’’ Ines says. ‘’Who is he?’’ Arvid looks at her. ‘’Our new enemy.’’ He answers and goes after Else-Beth.


I turn to Ines who’s confused. ‘’How?’’ She yells but no answer is given. ‘’How was your night?’’ I ask her. ‘’That bitch, Else-Beth irritates me.’’ She says.

‘’Me too,’’ I say. ‘’Did you come across anything we can use?’’ I ask.

‘’No. We just found her blood outside of the castle. She was dragged away, and then somehow lifted from the ground.’’

‘’Lifted?’’ I ask.

‘’Yeah, lifted. We don’t know how. Else-Beth thinks she was taken by a vampire.’’ Ines says and looks out of the window. ‘’Vampires can fly?’’ I ask. She shakes her head. ‘’Not all vampires, you see, we’re all different. We all have something we can do, that other vampires can’t.’’ That surprises me. I didn’t know we had special abilities other than the hypnotising thing and the speed and strength. ‘’What can you do, that for an example Arvid can’t do??’’ I ask. She smiles and looks at me.

‘’Feel,’’ she says. I lift an eyebrow and hold her closer to me. She feels warm. ‘’Now let go off me, we need to find Arvid and Else-Beth.’’ She says. ‘’Oh,’’ I say. ‘’Right.’’




We look for Arvid and Else-Beth outside. They couldn’t have gone long, but still, we don’t know where they went. The moon has been glowing for a few hours now, and I haven’t fed yet. I get vibrations from Ines saying that she hasn’t either. We run through the forest and I enjoy it. The wind in my long hair. The energy from the moon. It feels right. Ines is faster than me, but she’s also older than me, a lot. I try to catch up to her, but she is always a few metres ahead of me. Suddenly I see something that looks like a carriage. ‘’Ines!’’ I yell, but she doesn’t hear me. She continues. I suddenly stop and look around. Ines is gone. She’ll come back when she finds out I’m not with her. The carriage is not so big, but there’s someone in it. I try and find out how many humans there are inside. There two torches on the carriage lighting up this part of the forest. My throat feels dry. I suddenly see the carriage stop. I smile and move over to the carriage only to be surprised. The door opens and a vampire pops out with a stake in his hand. The stake is long and sharp and I know that it can kill vampires. Ines has told me, but why does a vampire possess such a weapon? ‘’Vampire!’’ The vampire shouts. I step back and look at the vampire who comes at me. He’s fast, but not so old. Maybe a few months older than me. He tries to drive the stake through my heart, but he misses. I quickly grab his hand with the stake in it, and then I rip it off.


The vampire yells in pain, but then he shows fangs. Suddenly three vampires exits the carriage, both carrying a stake. ‘’Grab him!’’ The first vampire says as I rip off his arm. He then grabs my leg and bites it. It hurts like hell, but then the pain goes away. The three vampires come at me, and grab me. ‘’What are you doing?’’ I shout. ‘’I’m a vampire! Let go off me!’’ They all prepare their stakes for my heart, but suddenly Ines appears. She’s almost too fast for my eyes, and I’m a vampire. I should be able to see her moving, but I can’t. This means she’s the oldest vampire between the attackers. She rips off two of the vampires’ heads and grabs the third one by his neck. The fourth vampire escapes, but he won’t go far. ‘’Who sent you?’’ Ines asks with a threatening voice. Her eyes are blood red and her fangs are showing. I’ve never seen her as angry as now. I’ve also never seen heads, that weren’t on a body. The vampire doesn’t answer. ‘’WHO SENT YOU?’’ Ines asks again and prepares the stake for staking. The vampire spits in Ines’ face, and that’s just asking for the real and silent death.

She drives the stake into his heart, and then he screams.

‘’The fourth one escaped.’’ I say and then Ines was gone.

After three seconds I hear a ripping sound and then something hitting the ground.

I know it’s a head.




Back at Arvid and Ines’ castle, Ines is furious. ‘’Who the hell was that?’’ She yells. I wipe away the blood on my face with a cloth. ‘’I don’t know,’’ I say. ‘’Vampires who hunt other vampires?’’ My question finds no answer at the moment. Suddenly the gates to the castle open and Arvid enters. ‘’Where have you been?’’ He asks. ‘’Where have you been?’’ Ines says with a mad tone. She lays pressure on ‘you’. Arvid looks at her, still being in his calm zone. If he was in a bad mood, we’d know. ‘’Lady Else-Beth and I have been out looking for soldiers.’’ Arvid says in a firm tone.

‘’Soldiers?’’ Ines says worried and looks at Arvid. She lifts her eyebrows.

‘’That’s right,’’ Arvid says and looks at me. ‘’There’s something I need to tell you. You are ready for it now.’’ Arvid adds and looks at Ines.

We sit down for this. It’s a long story, and Arvid sounds worried. This is serious shit. ‘’It was many centuries ago,’’ he says and look down. I can feel that it’s a tough story for him to tell. He’s shaking inside, and that’s rare with vampires and especially Arvid. ‘’I was a young vampire on about 200 years old. My maker had left me, and I was deprived of family. I had no one. I needed something in my life. Something special. I found a group of vampires living together, which was very odd for me. It was something I’d never seen before.  They believed in The Great Vampire.’’ Arvid told the story slowly. It was a moving story, but Ines interrupted him. ‘’The Great Vampire?’’ She asks. Again, this is all very weird, because Arvid seems so normal. I have to keep reminding myself, that he’s a psycho. One wrong move and I feel the wrath of him. I’ll be sent to the real and silent death. Ines doesn’t really care, because she knows that we’ll escape as soon as all of this is over. That’s why I hate myself because of one little mistake. The one mistake that I put in motion.


‘’The Great Vampire is a vampire, who’s never been human. He was born a monster.’’ Arvid says. That’s when it hits me. It scares me, actually. The Great Vampire is…’’Charles Lawrence of Eastern Bellpond,’’ Ines says in chock. ‘’He’s…’’ She doesn’t finish her sentence before Arvid continues. ‘’Yes. The group of vampires believed in this vampire, and they summoned him. It was scary, but they did it. Out of fire, into the cold he came. He was great and dangerous and he carried something. It was a diamond. A special and rare diamond.  I was with them when he came out, and that diamond was my hope. ‘’ Arvid looks at us. ‘’You stole it?’’ I say calm. He nods and buries his face in his hands. ‘’When he found out, he came to kill me, but I sent him back to where he came from with the help of the diamond.’’ Arvid says. ‘’It’s a magic diamond?’’ Ines says.

‘’It’s more than that,’’ Arvid says. ‘’There’s no words to describe it.’’ He adds. ‘’And now he’s  back?’’ I ask. ‘’He’s now back, yes. I fear, he’s back to get his diamond.’’ Arvid replies.

‘’And how will he do that?’’ Ines asks. Suddenly a new voice enters the room. It’s known.

‘’With the help of Elizabeth,’’ says Lady Else-Beth of Moonlight City. ‘’He’s got her and he will use her against us.’’

‘’Let’s find him and kill him then!’’ Ines says loud. ‘’That is impossible.’’ Arvid says.

‘’He’s the strongest vampire out there.’’ Else-Beth says. But then… ‘’Then he could practically just walk in here, and steal the diamond?’’ I say. ‘’Nope,’’ Arvid answers. ‘’There’s a spell guarding the room where it lies.’’

‘’Then he’ll get Elizabeth here, so she can get it for him?’’ I say. ‘’Then we just kill her,’’ I say. ‘’It was my mistake, I’ll do it if she comes.’’ Else-Beth shakes her head. ‘’He won’t send her here as human.’’ The lady of Moonlight City says. Suddenly I feel Ines shaking inside. I feel words coming from her. Oh no… This is not good…

‘’He’ll turn her into a vampire.’’ I say and fear what happens next. Suddenly Arvid looks at me with worried eyes. ‘’When we spoke earlier this night, you forgot the name of your maker, my Ines, our Ines,’’ he says. Suddenly I feel worried vibrations coming from both Ines and Else-Beth. ‘’It’s already happened.’’ Arvid says.

‘’Your first blood is vampire.’’ Else-Beth says. Suddenly Ines leaves the room…

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