Half a heart

Three years it's been, three whole years since iv'e seen him. From the day he left iv'e been broken.
"I'm half a heart without you"


2. Where it all started

Just like every other day I walk down the school corridors head bowed so im not to be seen. I walk along wearing my ear phones listening to my favourite song... Airplanes by b.o.b ft hayley williams. See I have my earphones in to drown out all the nasty comments that people make as i pass them. I walked up to my locker only to see the schools BAD BOYS.liam payne, harry styles, louis tomlinson and zayn malik.dayum new boy alert! oh my he's haawwt! Shh.. no he's the new bad boy ugh! I slowly take out my earphones and place them in my bag along with my phone and school boks. As I close my locker I see the new boy stood there. I immeadiately look down and walk away. Sugar he saw me! um? uh? j..just walk away indie just walk away.

Yes i did it i walked past without getting noticed.... Oh sugar gonna be late for class!!

As i was about to go towards the stairs to get to my first class I see alexa, alexa marshal.I slowly approched her knowing what she was gonna do. Next thing i know i'm tumbling down the stairs. I hear a loud snap/crack/crunch and that did not come from my glasses! infact it was my foot.Great  another accident to explain to my mum about.  What? The new boy came ruching down the twirling staircase towards me. "Princess? are you ok? Come on let's get you to the nurse!"He says sounding conserned. He lifts me off the floor bridal style. I could feel all eyes on me and as I look up to the top of the staircase I see alexa she seems furious! I buried my head into the boys chest and sobbed.whilst he strokes my hair planting tiny pecks on my forhead taking me to the nurse on the othe side of the school.

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