Half a heart

Three years it's been, three whole years since iv'e seen him. From the day he left iv'e been broken.
"I'm half a heart without you"


4. Please dont leave

Nialls pov

How? How could she do this to herself? I made that happen! I was so shocked and I just couldnt beleive what had happened that I just broke into tears! I missed her.. I wanted her back but she probably doesnt want me back after what I did to her. I left her for f*ck sake Its all my f*cking fault I was an ediot to leave her I knew how vulnerable she was!

Indies pov

I slowly stood up shaking at the knees I took a few tiny steps I felt sick I felt dizzie with all the trauma off these past three years then suddenly seeing him again

niall pov

I felt her arms slip away from me and her her walking away. I look up to see her swaying side to side with every step. she falls to the ground I ran to her as fast as I could! I yell for help! someone is pacing back and forth on the phone calling and ambulance. I lifted he lifeless body onto my lap pulling her close to my body I was rocking back and forth in tears until the ambulance pulled up. she cant die is all that was swirling round in my head I only just found you! Dont die Indie dont die..

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