Half a heart

Three years it's been, three whole years since iv'e seen him. From the day he left iv'e been broken.
"I'm half a heart without you"


3. meeting him again

I drag myself out of bed and walk towards the bathroom for a shower. After my shower i change into the same old outfit an extra large jumper and leggins with my hair in a pony tail. I thengo back to the bathroom I look at my appearance I look away in disgust my tiny boney little body my pale face and the scars and cuts all up my arms. I walk out as I can't stand the sight. I slip on my shoes and grab my keys then step out the door. I walk down the road towards the park head held down just like when i was in high school. Nothing much has changed. No friends. No life. The only new thing is, No nialler.

I got the park and sat on the bench watching the world by when I see someone familliar.I stand up curiously. Wait! Is that? No.. can't be! Sit down again making myself look stupid! I hide my face in my hands and sob. I feel a body sit next to mine. I just stay there sobbing. I feel a hand settle on my shoulder whilst I hear a familliar voice saying "shhh.. Shh... calm down. Are you ok?" I lift my head up to see if it was who I thought it was!?  As the persons eyes meet mine I notice that it is who i thought it was! My nialler.

(A/N im lazy so N for niall and I for indie)

N "i.. Indie? is that y...you?"

I "y..yeah." I look down.

N "Indie what happened?" 

I " what do you meen.. n.. nothing happend.

N "Indie your f*cking anorexic your skin is nearly grey and your covered in scars and cuts!"       

I " I missed you.. you .. you left me!"

niall mumbled to himself "I? I did this? I made you like this?" he busrt into tears. I felt terrible for making him cry that was one thing I hated about being with niall is that when he cries it breaks your heart in two! I lifted my skinny arms and wrapped them around him I cried with him on the little park bench where I sat everyday crying for my nialler.                                                                                                       

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