The World of Soliece

The World of Soliece is the long-awaited fantasy MMORPG to open internationally by YourFantasma Studio, who were known for the action-packed adventure MMORPG League of Champions. Being a huge fan of both the company and the game, our female protagonist didn't wait until she got off of work to sign up for the new fantasy world of Soliece. Despite being 21 years old, she lives and works mostly for video games and manga rather for rents and foods ( those being second on her list). Even tho she knows very well how unladylike and loser-ish that may be, it wont stop her from her hobbies. Thus, she logs into The Word of Soliece as Faye Prayers, to start her journey. (Some events are based on my true gaming experience.)


1. Welcome to Soliece

Today is finally the 26th of august. The day that fantasy adventure game finally comes out. I've been waiting for this day all summer long. Just a few hours left and all I have to do is download it and create a character then I'm all set.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing?

-Signing up for The World of Soliece Online.

-On the clock!? Get back to work this instant!

-Alright, I'm done anyway, it's not even a busy day today, geez...

-Come on, you still play video at that age? You're lucky your one of my best employees or else I would've fired you already!"

I'm only 21...and what does that matter really? Yes, I'm a 21 years old woman working as a cashier in a chicken restaurant on a minimum wage... I would've quit this place long ago if it wasn't because it's 15 minutes from my apartment and that I needed the money...and everyone there is nice...even my boss. As you can see, I'm not your average woman whose into fashion and men (I still like men). I'm single and I live for video games and manga in a small apartment in Saint-Laurent. I have a few good friends who shares my passion but not as much as I do. They all have a boyfriend by the way. Not that I care. No really this isn't gonna be a story about a loser finding true love like in all american movies. Now that that is all cleared up let's get back at what really matters: The world of Soliece! Yes, this is the game that every gamers on Earth been waiting for! The Japanese FINALLY released it internationally! Now that I'm finally home, let's download and lets get into this!



Create a character huh.....hmmm....should I go male or female? I think female would be best, since I don't want another lonely 12 years old girl falling in love with me. Alright, now name your character...

20 minutes later


Finally a nickname that I like and that is not frickin taken! Now to choose a class...Fighter, Mage, Knight, Gunslinger, Thief or Elemental Sorceress...

10 minutes later


Hey, the character creation is so cool, you can actually look original in this game. Oh, I get the feeling I'm really gonna enjoy this, I'm so excited! 

"Is this avatar okay?"

Yes, she is perfect. Now done.

"Welcome into the world of Soliece, knight Faye Prayers."



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