The World of Soliece

The World of Soliece is the long-awaited fantasy MMORPG to open internationally by YourFantasma Studio, who were known for the action-packed adventure MMORPG League of Champions. Being a huge fan of both the company and the game, our female protagonist didn't wait until she got off of work to sign up for the new fantasy world of Soliece. Despite being 21 years old, she lives and works mostly for video games and manga rather for rents and foods ( those being second on her list). Even tho she knows very well how unladylike and loser-ish that may be, it wont stop her from her hobbies. Thus, she logs into The Word of Soliece as Faye Prayers, to start her journey. (Some events are based on my true gaming experience.)


8. Grinding for experience

"Come on, hurry up you lots! We need to hurry!"

Ever since we accepted to Jinxy's request, she never stopped yelling at us and rushing us throughout the whole march. I'm starting to regret my decision.

"Yo, chill out! We can't move any faster with all these monsters on our asses! 

-I thought you guys grinded last night. Level 50 is enough to pass through this place with no problem!"

Last night, Flame, Io and I were grinding for 4 hours on a level 35 to 40 field. 4 HOURS of nothing but slashing monsters just to get a glorious, GLORIOUS amount of experience points.

"Yeah but Jinxy, can't you see?

-See what?

-We gain a level up with EVERY 10-20 KILLS!

-YEAH!!! This is amazing! I'm getting stronger and stronger!

-I learned two new o.p. spells! TWO!

-Oh god..."

Jinxy was nice enough to let us enjoy ourselves before reaching to our destination. Also the area we're at is stunningly beautiful. We're at Orca beach, where the sun is bright and the sea breeze is soothing. The monsters can say we can pretty much write a tentacle porn of this place...Starring Io.

"Hm? What is it Faye?"

Crap I was thinking out loud!

"Uh...This place is beautiful despite the tentacle monsters right, Io?

-Yes, it is."

I'm sorry, Io. I'm sorry I was getting off on imagining you being violated by these terrible monsters.

"But more importantly...


-I'm very happy I got to enjoy myself on the beach


Wha-...did I just hear that right?

"Hey, lovebirds, you're falling behind!

-Sorry, right behind you! Come on Faye, don't wanna hear Jinxy yell at us again."

Io reached out his tiny hand at me. As I was about to take his hand, Flame came out of nowhere and grabbed both Io and my shoulder from behind, ruining every remaining romantic atmosphere there were.

"Hurry up, both of you! That witch is really getting on my nerves. Faye, Jinxy wanted to talk to you.

-Um, okay."

I hurried to catch up to her, leaving both Flame and Io a little bit behind.

"What were you trying to do, kid?

-Excuse me?

-You were putting the moves on her.

-I-I like her.

-WHAT!? Are you insane!? You don't even know her in real life!

-I like her personality...

-But what if she were a dude trying to seduce you into buying rare items for them?

-Oh...I haven't thought about that...

-(Sigh) Listen, I know this is hard but it's the harsh reality of the virtual world. You meet all sort of interesting people but they end up not being the kind of person you think they are, leaving you heartbroken. Trust me, I'm just looking out for you as a fellow man.

-...What makes you think I'm a man?


-What makes you think I'm a man? What if I'm actually a girl who happens to like another girl?

-Well...because... Oh no, I am NOT going through that again.

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