The World of Soliece

The World of Soliece is the long-awaited fantasy MMORPG to open internationally by YourFantasma Studio, who were known for the action-packed adventure MMORPG League of Champions. Being a huge fan of both the company and the game, our female protagonist didn't wait until she got off of work to sign up for the new fantasy world of Soliece. Despite being 21 years old, she lives and works mostly for video games and manga rather for rents and foods ( those being second on her list). Even tho she knows very well how unladylike and loser-ish that may be, it wont stop her from her hobbies. Thus, she logs into The Word of Soliece as Faye Prayers, to start her journey. (Some events are based on my true gaming experience.)


2. Getting lost and new friend

Standing in the middle of a busy marketplace in Yoseha Town, there is a foreign woman who stands out the most. Not because she is tall, beautiful or have silky, soft, waist length black hair and have bright blue eyes. It's because she looks awfully plain! No armor, no accessories, no WEAPON! Ugh, that's why I hate beginning a new game, I looks so lame!


Oh, shut the fuck up! Just because you're 30 levels above me means that you're a pro, jerk! The game just opened today so you're no different! Better ignore him and check my quest log...

"Meet me in front of Yoseha's exit gate. 


Right, I guess Sally will be my tutor on how to become a knight then. Navigating isn't hard in this game so I can by easily. I hate it when the map is so complicated that I end up not using them at all.

"Greetings, I believe you are miss Faye Prayers?


-Then lets begin your training. I want you to do some extermination in Green Plains. Bring me 5 Brown Roach shells as proof of your deed.

-But I don't have a weapon.

-Your have your fist.

-What!? You expect me to kill cockroaches--

-Brown Roaches.

-Whatever! With my bare hands!?

-It shouldn't be a problem for a true knight. If you can't even kill some measly bugs, how are you going to protect our kingdom from bigger threats?"

Siiiiigh.... I never experienced anything like this in any other games before. Let's just get this over with.

"Welcome back miss Faye Prayers, Do you have everything I asked you to get for me?

-Yeah, here they are.

-Excellent. For your reward, I bestow you this bronze sword. It will protect you from danger and allow you to protect. [received bronze sword] Also, here's some gold so you can buy armors and healing items. [received 1000 gold] 

-Thank you, Sally. Is there anything else you need?

-In order to progress into your knighthood, meet Wallace at the barracks of Yoseha palace. He's a royal knight and my mentor. He will give you much more to learn.

-Alright, see ya Sally.

-Wait a moment.


-Do not, NOT, question him or talk back at him like you did to me or else you will be kicked out of knighthood.


Huh, can't wait to meet him, but first, let's get some gear.


This market is bigger than I thought...I've been walking around for a while now but I can't find the weapon and armor store. Now that I mention it, where am I?

"You got a party invitation from FlameChaos"

Whoa, it surprised me how it just popped out in front of my face like that. Ugh, I don't even know you why did you just randomly invite me like that. At least talk to me first....and why is that guy waving at me?

"Hey over here!

-You're calling me?

-Who else is here?  I've been waving at you trying to get your attention for a while now but you didn't see me so I sent you a party invitation.

-Oh, I'm sorry about that. I was just so caught up in my thinking.

-I see, it's okay. Well, you looked troubled so I thought you needed help. 

-Y-yes, I really need help. I'm new and I can't find the armor and weapon store.

-Oh, it's not so far from here. Follow me, I'll get you there.


-You don't know how to read your map?

-I know how to but whenever I choose a location, it brings me to the opposite way and I got lost.

-Ah, it's because the map is inverted.


-Yeah, it's upside down.

-I see..."

Seriously? Why is the map inverted? Well, after a while, FlameChaos and I arrived in front of the shops. After browsing for a bit, I bought all I needed to get and I'm all set to go.I told Flame I had to meet the royal knight Wallace. He was quite surprised.

"You're going to become a Knight?!

-Yeah, is that so strange?

-No! Well, it's really rare to see female players aiming to become a knight, usually it's always been gunslingers, thiefs or elemental sorcerers...

-What if I'm not a girl?

-Oh! You're one of those?...Uh, sorry I didn't mean to offend! I too used to pose as a girl, haha.

-I know isn't it fun to act like the opposite sex and watch people's reaction to you?

-Yeah, I got this guy giving me all sorts of rare items because we were married or something!

-Yeah...I'm a girl.

-What? But you said--

-I never said anything."

After confusing the poor guy, we began to be on our way to meet the legendary (according to Sally) Wallace, the Royal Knight. 


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