Red Riding Hood, Drenched in Blood

Welcome to the commentary of the 71st Annual Hunger Games!
And there is the end of the countdown. Let the bloodbath begin!
We have a right mix of tributes here, and we predict the winner this time will be Feather from District 1. As you can see, she is currently running towards the cornucopia for her signature weapon, the -
Huh? What's this? She's... dead? Already? And her killer, probably a career or...
Well, I never. Little Red Riding Hood, Johanna Mason is the killer. And she isn't stopping with Feather. Her hood is covered with a different kind of red.
I guess that Johanna isn't Little Red Riding Hood after all; maybe she's the wolf.


2. Interview

“Hello there Johanna.” Caesar’s voice is trying to be calming, but it just angers me. How I wish to snap back and show that the Capitol don’t control me. I look down at my garishly light red swirly gown with a hood and internally grimace before answering.

“Hi Caesar.” I say innocently.

“I have to say, you look incredibly cute in that dress.” I let my anger look like a blush when he asks this. By his reaction I think it works.

“Aw, thank you! It’s my favourite colour.” I softly reply.

“On the subject of that colour, let me ask you: how did you choose that lovely fairy tale dress for the Reaping, Little Red Riding Hood?” The name sickens me, but it’s easy to pretend that I love it.

“My mother picked it out for me. She has always called me her little Red, and she would always send me out into the woods just like the fairy tale. I love the woods; the pine always reminds me of home.”

“Have you ever met any wolves?” Caesar jokes. The brightly painted audience laughs.

“Oh, no. Thankfully I haven’t. I’m terrified of wolves, or any kind of scary creature for that matter. I hate blood and conflict, and I’m not very strong either...” I let myself trail off, to make it seem like I’m getting sad. Instead, I’m really running out of things to say. I can’t play this character for much longer. Thankfully the games are tomorrow and I can show everyone my true side. The Capitol won’t know what hit them.

“Well,” Caesar tries to change the subject. I guess my acting is still working! “What did you do in your training?”

“I’m not really supposed to say Caesar, and I don’t want to break the rules.” I giggle sweetly, and the Capitol laugh with me. In reality, I got a bow and arrow, a weapon I’m horrendous at, and proved that giving me a bow would never be a wise idea, in or out of an arena. After that I tried the berry game, and purposely gave a low score. Deeming me a 3/12 was a wise choice! I didn’t seem to pose any threat at all. Just what I was aiming for.

The buzzer goes off and Caesar extends his thin hand to mine and I lightly take it.

“That’s all we have time for, Johanna. I wish you luck against the wolves, Little Red Riding Hood!” I smile at him and the audience. “I give you, District 7’s Johanna Mason!” As soon as I’m offstage and out of earshot my real feelings escape my throat.

“You piece of shit. I fucking hate this dress, I hate my nickname, I hate the training, I hate the competition, and I especially hate the Capitol. I hate these fucking ‘Hunger Games’; these ‘Kill Everyone for the Entertainment of the Shallow Games’.”

And soon I would get my revenge.

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