Capitol Diaries

The Hunger Games books form a Capitol child's point of view.


4. Chapter 4

Dear Diary,

KATNISS AND PEETA WON!!! The Capitol tried to trick them by changing it back to one winner, but they just threatened to both die. At the beginning I would've assumed that this was because of they're undying love for each other, but now I'm not so sure, now I think this was an act of rebellion.

I'm writing this under a bridge, just outside the border to District 1. I'd better explain why. Well, I was right, there is rebellion and there might be war, and President Snow came round to dinner, to talk to my dad about it. I was listening to the conversation and Snow saw me, so joked with me a bit,

"So, who's side are you on young Evie?" He asked me. And I can blame no one but myself for what happened next. Because the words that slipped out of my mouth before I could stop them were undeniably, unmistakably and shamefully completely truthful were,

"The rebels."

Evelina Seiflouer

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