Capitol Diaries

The Hunger Games books form a Capitol child's point of view.


3. Chapter 3

Dear Diary,

The Hunger Games is nearly over, I think Katniss has a good chance of winning, and Peeta. they announced that TWO tributes would win this year, as long as they were from the same district. I hope they do win. I was supposed to have a day in town today, but instead I got stuck in my room, grounded. Mum was going to take me to get my hair done, ochre dotted with cyan polkadots, but when her friends, who were staying with us, asked me what I wanted I said,

"Nothing, I want to look like a district person!" And so I got grounded. There is talk of another rebellion, even maybe a full on war. I'm quite worried...

Evelina Seiflouer

P.S: My next entry will be when the Hunger Games is finished, I'm just too busy!

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