Capitol Diaries

The Hunger Games books form a Capitol child's point of view.


1. Chapter 1

Dear Diary,

The 74th Hunger Games is nearing. I'm so excited. My mum took me to get my hair done especially for it. I got it dyed a bubblegum pink, and diamonds were sewn into it. Tonight's the night of the chariot entrance. I can't wait to see all the tributes' costumes! It's starting, got to run!


The costumes were all quite good, but one captivated me more than I could ever think anything would. One girl, Katniss Everdeen of District 12, wore a dress of fire. REAL FIRE. The girl on fire they called her, and she was, both literally and metaphorically. It's the interviews now!

Even later

Poor Katniss, poor Peeta, they're in love with each other, how can they're love stay alive if one of them dies? I'm going to try and help them as much as I can! There isn't much I can do, but I can sponsor them and try and get other people to sponsor them! Katniss is my favourite though! I feel so sorry for Papa! He missed the whole thing! President Snow had an exceptionally long meeting, and my father had to be there, as he's the Secretary for the Capitol. I wonder what they were talking about, I'll ask him when he gets home. I wonder what's for dinner, I think it's fish, because mother visited District Four recently, and she was given a few presents. Ok, bye!

Evelina Seiflouer

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